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Here’s Why You Should Always Acknowledge Your Tenants’ Requests

At some point in your career as a property owner, you’ll probably get an unreasonable request or outlandish claim that makes you wish you’d gone into a different line of work. But what you need to remember is that being a good landlord is all about customer service, and the first rule of customer service is to treat customers and clients as you’d like to be treated yourself.

If you treat your renters well, they’re more likely to take care of your property, pay their rent on time, and adhere to your requests. Of course, it won’t always be easy, and there are times when you’ll have to put your foot down to avoid unnecessary interactions, but try to see things from their point of view. The following is a breakdown of why you should always acknowledge your tenants’ requests.

Good renters are usually reasonable

The first thing you should do as a landlord is to make sure you get the best renters. There are several ways to do this, but the best way is to thoroughly screen every applicant with software like Turbo Tenant. There are valid reasons why this solution is favored by industry leaders. Turbo Tenant allows you to find out enough about applicants’ backgrounds to decide whether or not they’ll be good renters. And you can set your own standards, of course. For example, you can make your minimum credit score requirement 620 or set a maximum number of occupants for your space to ensure you are paired with the perfect match. 

When you know you’ve taken the precautions to get quality tenants, then you can usually be sure that most of their requests will be reasonable. Or at the very least, they’ll be able to have a rational conversation about what they have in mind. In knowing this, you’ll realize that even if they approach you in frustration, once they calm down, you can probably make them see your side, as well. 

You can acknowledge without agreeing

Most people simply want to be heard, so to be a good landlord, make it a point to listen to every request without getting on the defensive. Even if the request is unreasonable or something you can’t do, you can hear them out completely and respectfully. Then, you can try to find a good compromise or explain why certain matters can’t be accomodated. If you happen to have a tenant approach you in anger, this could help deflect potential problems. Remember that most of their frustration is directed at a situation rather than you. If you can calmly listen and try to understand where they’re coming from, they’re likely to be more willing to see things your way.

Renters have rights

It’s extremely important to understand the rights your tenants have so that you don’t violate them without realizing. For one thing, they have the right of “quiet enjoyment.” This means you can’t enter their residence without permission unless there’s an emergency. You also can’t disturb them without good reason. For another thing, they’re entitled to safe and habitable conditions. In other words, you’re required to fix major issues as quickly as possible. Examples of these would be busted pipes or backed up sewers. Every state has different laws that govern tenant rights, so it’s important to find out yours before you deny a tenant complaint.

They can sue you

There are a few situations in which a tenant can sue you, and most of them have to do with the rights listed above. There are times when circumstances become a little murky and it’s difficult to know who is in the right. That’s why it’s always best to listen to your tenants’ requests and hear them out thoroughly. Even if you feel they are completely in the wrong, making a compromise can keep the peace and keep you out of court. 

Finding quality tenants used to be difficult, but with software solutions such as Turbo Tenant, landlords can rest assured knowing they can choose the best option for their property. In doing so, there will be a higher chance of mutual understanding and less problems down the line.