Here’s What To Expect During Your First Session With A Chiropractor

If you are experiencing back pain or body aches, then you have the option of seeing a chiropractor and getting chiropractic adjustment Vero Beach FL. Here’s what you can expect during your first session!

chiropractic treatments Vero Beach FL, which is also referred to as spinal manipulation, is an excellent way to relieve pain. Patients who undergo chiropractic adjustment Vero Beach FL experience sciatica, pain in their lower back, neck pain, and so much more.

Things to consider during your first visit:

Patient history and symptoms

Any health practitioner, especially with a chiropractic adjustment Vero Beach FL, would ask their patient to identify when the pain started occurring. Where do you typically feel pain? Learn how to describe the pain properly – is it dull, searing or burning, sharp, or does it often throb? Does the pain come and go or is it continual?

Those handling chiropractic treatments Vero Beach FL would need to understand your lifestyle before doing anything. Are there certain activities that you do that make the pain better or worse? Oftentimes, patients would also need to provide data on their family medical history for the chiropractor to better understand your situation.

Having the chiropractic examination

After the initial assessment, you’re going to have the chiropractic exam. This would include general tests that check your pulse, blood pressure, respiration, and reflexes. At times, the chiropractor will ask you to undergo further orthopedic and neurological tests that will help them better understand the range of motions that affects your body parts, your muscle tone, strength, as well as your neurological integrity.


It is not uncommon to have your first treatment during your initial visit. If this happens, there are certain things that you can expect. Firstly, there is a special treatment table for patients where they will undergo adjustment.

You may have already seen this on the Internet or you may know someone who underwent an adjustment but your chiropractor will be cracking a lot – and not just knuckles. This actually starts with moving different parts of your body, mostly your back and neck, to its maximum range. The cracking is the extra thrust made by your chiropractor to make the adjustment.

It is important to note that, at all times, during your treatment process, you must not feel any pain. Other than this, you can also expect to get a hot or cold massage using heat and ice. Again, pain should not be expected during this stage.

What to expect after the treatment

After the treatment, it is expected that your body might feel a bit sore. There is a high chance that you would need to come back for succeeding sessions. After your first treatment, you’ll most likely be given instructions to exercise at home. In addition to this, your chiropractor will advise a certain diet that you should follow to keep a healthy lifestyle that will help prevent the body aches from coming back.

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