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Guidelines to select a good PG in Baner.

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Finding a place a good paying guest accommodation can be a major headache when you move to a new city like Pune. It often entails endless hobnobbing with real estate agents and brokers who may or may not be telling you all the facts and figures you need to know. Really, who has the time for that anymore? Luckily just searching for pg in baner has made the home-hunting process a lot easier by giving all the details about the place, nearby areas and all necessary information. 

Indeed there are numerous PGs accessible for rent in Baner. You will discover an agglomeration of choices for lodging here. Since this spot is one of the best in Pune, there are numerous alternatives for housing that makes the place a little crowded. In any case, being a luxurious road with a rich localities adjacent and many classy restaurants,the costs that you will pay can be a little on the higher side when contrasted with other regions of Pune.

Below are a few guidelines you should take care of while selecting a PG.

1.Seamless Connectivity          

Check if the PG is located in a prime location when it comes to transportation, so you can have excellent connectivity to significant locations in the town. In addition, make sure there are neighboring bus stops, railway station and other transportation modes.

2.Excellent surroundings 

Note that your surroundings are equipped with all the necessary equipment such as hospitals and medical shops etc. to enable you to use these services in an emergency. In addition, make sure that you have excellent restaurants and shopping complexes near you for weekends. 


Some PGs do not give non-vegetarian food, so if you require a PG offering both veg and non-veg, make sure it is served at your preferred time.Furthermore, some owners allow their tenants to use the kitchen to cook their desired food. If so, it’s a better alternative.

4.Best Facilities 

With quality and reliability, basic amenities such as electricity, water, maid facilities must be catered for. Also ask if your rent agreement includes these facilities and the amount paid as rent is within your budget.

4.Do a Research

Do a small inquiry on the PG with the residents living there before you give your deposit. In addition, to have a trouble-free living, create a background check on the home owners.

5.Give a Glance

Take a look at the room you’re going to stay. See that the place is germ-free, dust-free and appropriate. In addition, ensure all facilities and the rooms are well equipped with chair, table and cot. Make sure all of these are accessible.

6.Proper Security

Last but not the least, security is the most significant and crucial thing. Assure that there are enough homes in the area around the location. Nothing else is essential beyond your safety, so make sure that you are well protected. If you feel uneasy with the location, take a quick decision to leave the place.


Keeping all these key rules in mind, you can definitely find the best pg in Baner. Go ahead and look for a secure and worthy paying guest for you.