Gaming Mouse Are Must For Good Gaming 

Computer mouse is one of the most important input devices which are used to interact with computer. This enables the computer to send control instructions to the game. A mouse controls the movement of the pointer on the computer screen but however it serves differently during the game.

What purpose does a gaming mouse fulfill? 

To perform better in the game one needs to have superior gaming hardware which has technological advantage. It is compared to a regular mouse which is used in everyday computers. The most important aspect of the gaming Mouse hardware are the Laser technology, Weight control, Programmable case design for easy grip, changeable LED lights etc. 

The precision and accuracy 

The high quality laser technology ensures the precision and accuracy in the game and results in better control. So while using a gaming mouse, one can be assured of superior accuracy and control. This kind of mouse is tested extensively by the reputable gaming hardware manufacturer. There are many manufacturers that produce the best gaming mouse in the world and the most popular among them are Razor, Logitech, Cyborg, etc. There are different types of gaming mouse which are available of various designs. There are both wired and wireless models. 

Some of the Razor gaming mouse are-

  • Razer Basilisk Essential
  • Razer Basilisk
  • Razer Naga Trinity
  • Razer DeathAdder Essential
  • Razer DeathAdder Elite
  • RazerLancehead Tournament Edition Black
  • Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Gunmetal Grey

How to choose a good gaming mouse? 

While choosing a good gaming mouse, one needs to check some of which features which ensure the technology mouse hardware. The features are as follows-


  • High precision laser sensor


The most important function is a gaming mouse to control the movement of mouse on the computer screen. This can be measured by using a DPI which is directly linked to the accuracy of the game.  The higher the DPI more is accuracy and the lower DPI means poor control of the game. A regular mouse has 4 to 5 times less DPI number than a gaming mouse. 


  • Customizable LED lights


A good gaming mouse comes with LED lights which can be set to any colored and can be customized.


  • Ergonomic design


The design of the mouse is very important. A perfect design which is ideal for placing palm and fingers have a better grip reduces the chances of slipping fingers while clicking the buttons. This kind of design makes a mouse ideal for gaming.


  • Programmable keys


This feature is only available in gaming mouse. This directly interacts with the game and performs certain functions like to display map, change camera angle, etc.


  • Adjustable mouse weight


The ability to change the weight of the mouse makes it easy to adjust the mouse dragging while playing a game. So, one can gain accuracy by adjusting the weight of the mouse.


  • Hyper response buttons


A good gaming mouse should have a minimum response time and work with hyper speed in order to have faster communication. It is required for a good game.