Few extremely crucial diseases and how to get them diagnosed

Modern day lifestyle especially urban lifestyle is becoming a threat for our health. The more we are stepping ahead in technology and other luxury items the more we are neglecting our health. The climate condition is changing day by day. There is ozone layer depression which is affecting us severely almost all deadly diseases such as cancer are happening due to this. Apart from this the radiation emitted from our mobile phones, tablets, laptops and our other important things is unhealthy as well. Increase in the use of air conditioners throughout the urban landscape is another important reason behind catching bad diseases. Apart from this out food habits and lifestyle are also playing significant roles behind our health. We are always consuming junk foods and not having sufficient work or exercise every day. This is storing excessive fat in our body leading to a number of diseases. 

Few deadly diseases:

  • One of the deadly diseases is coronary artery disease or CAD. This is also known as ischemic heart disease. This occurs when the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart gets narrowed down. This may lead to cardiac arrest, chest pain and even arrhythmias. Although this is the leading factor of death, mortality rates are now being higher in several European countries. High blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, diabetes and obesity mainly lead to this disease.
  • Another crucial disease is stroke. This occurs mainly due to the blockage or leakage of the arteries of the brain. The oxygen deprived brain cells starts dying within a minute and the body fells numb or even paralyzed. High blood pressure, smoking, family history and at times sodium potassium imbalance leads to stroke or cerebral thrombosis.
  • Malaria is another deadly disease which if malignant can become fatal. This is spread by mosquitoes mainly female Anopheles and leads to severe problem. Like malaria another mosquito borne disease is dengue which is far more deadly than malaria. 
  • Japanese encephalitis is a brain disease that is cause by a virus called Japanese encephalitis. Generally there are no such symptoms other than swollen brain but sometimes patients undergo headache vomiting, fever, seizures and types.  This is also spread by mosquitoes generally culex mosquitoes that sits on pigs and draw the virus from them. Swine flu is another of this sort.
  • Parkinson’s disease is a neurological problem where the patient suffers from trembling, problem in walking or moving hands and legs. Parkinson’s disease treatment usually involves medication that helps keep its symptoms under control.


The only way to prevent such diseases is by vaccination. Diseases like Japanese encephalitis, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue and others can at times be prevented by vaccination. However it might happen even after a person is vaccinated. There is no way to prevent stroke or Parkinson’s disease or other similar diseases but they can be diagnosed early. A good physician would run few anatomical tests in order to treat the patient. There are different blood tests and other tests like MRI, CT scan, ECG, EEG, ultrasonography, x-ray and others to diagnose the patient.


Different diseases have different kind of treatments. Some are cured simply by medication some by vaccination and some demands exercise or physiotherapy. However, maintaining a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle with adequate amount of exercise and consumption of water is recommended for a healthy living along with sufficient amount of sleep. This is the only way one can prevent such crucial diseases to some extent.