Feel the Perfection for the Right Lawyer Now

It takes experience and care to draft the will so that there is no dispute between the heirs. Defects and oversights in wills can cause doubt and strife among heirs when the will one day read and you can hardly ask the creator of what he / she felt when he first died.

Some services on the Internet are set up by law firms that primarily deal with business law and company law

It may be a law firm with a good reputation in business law but the law firm has hardly any impressive experience with inheritance law or the wording of wills if it is not judged to be significant enough to appear on the law firm’s website.

In some cases, you cannot even see which Prairie Village shoplifting lawyer is behind the website you therefore do not have the opportunity to investigate whether the lawyer has special knowledge of wills.

And the price? It is not disclosed in advance although the lawyer should know what he / she has taken for the latest wills he / she has made and therefore should be able to say in advance what a will costs.

If the lawyer works after “time spent”, it can be expensive to go to an inexperienced lawyer who has to spend many hours preparing the will which in itself is a good reason to choose a lawyer who can announce a fixed price in advance.

Your will is such an important thing that it should be tailored by a lawyer who is a recognized specialist and who can announce a fixed price from the start.

Discount sites from non-lawyers should be avoided

  • There are also testamentary services on the Internet created by non-lawyers.
  • Here, as a consumer, you really have to tread carefully.
  • When a website directly announces that it is not trained lawyers who are behind it, you can hardly allow yourself to be disappointed later if it turns out that the will lacks essential provisions.
  • Often you will not be able to spot the errors yourself when you read the will unless you have in-depth knowledge of the law of inheritance.
  • Such sites will often be recognizable by being set up by a “lawyer” which is not a protected title as a “lawyer”. Some lawyers have over 30 years of experience in family law and are careful others are start-ups without professional experience or liability insurance.

In other words, you can also buy your will too cheaply and a discount will cannot be compared to a lawyer’s tailor-made by a specialist. Your heirs will experience the difference.

Can we see who is behind the website?

Is the person trained as a lawyer or does he call himself a “lawyer” (lawyer and attorney are not the same).

  • Is the price clearly stated and including VAT or will you only state an “approximate amount” when you have committed to using the company?
  • How many years of experience does the person have with wills? How many wills has he written?
  • Has the person in question at all mentioned having wills as his professional specialty or is it rather corporate law and home sales that the person in question has a flair for?

What shall I choose?

Creating a will is a serious matter and hardly something you intend to do often. It is worth making sure that the will is made properly the first time. Check the following when navigating the “testament jungle” among testament websites: