Features to look out for in a salon app

The salon business is one of the businesses that enjoy the benefit of repeat clients. This business is highly saturated in every town and each one of them has its clients depending on the quality they offer and connections they have to their customers. For you to survive in such a market you have to be innovative and one way of doing this is getting an APP for your spa or salon. The salon APP will help you and your clients plan and make appointments. This makes it easy for you to serve your customers.  The mobile app leads to customer retention.

Not every app you come across is good for your business; continue reading this article and find out features to look for in a salon business app

Should have reservations option

The best APP for your salon should allow you to add mobile reservations. It should have a built-in calendar to enable you to manage clients’ appointments most simply. Mobile reservations will help send notifications to the clients over and over to remind them of the scheduled appointments. Here, there is an optional upfront commitment fee that graduates the appointment numbers into actual numbers.

Should have a reward option

The best salon app should have an option where the clients can get rewards for repeat business. This will help unlock the power of repeat business. These rewards come in the form of loyalty cards; for example, you can offer some services for free or on reduced charges-You could offer a monthly body massage for those who meet a certain threshold. Loyalty cards will help to retain more loyal clients that you are sure that they cannot visit any other salon so long as yours exist and this makes your income consistent and predictable.

Should have reliable library features

The best salon APP should allow for styles library. You will be able to keep styles and even add more recent ones in the market. Women would always want to try the new styles in the market and therefore you will be required to keep on updating your database every day. This makes it easy for your clients to choose a suitable style online. They don’t have to check through every other magazine for new styles- the online option is the most interesting.

An option for online payments

Your salon APP should be able to allow your clients to pay online and thus reducing the chances of handling cash. Once the client makes the payment, they get a notification, you will also receive a notification that you’ll use for records and accounting purposes.  This makes it easy to manage your business finances. Online payments reduce cash handling and therefore you can be sure of increased accountability.

Having an app for your salon business is one of the ways of pushing your business to another level. There are some customers you attract when you embrace such technology. Get a good apps company that will do a customized app, perfectly designed to meet customer needs.