Everything You Should Know about Labelling Machines: Benefits, Types, and More

A labelling machine is one of the best investments you can make for your business if you specialise in different products, regardless of if you have food and drink products or products for the home or office or industrial space. Labelling machines have proven to make production more efficient and quicker as well, as you no longer have to depend on manual labour to get your labels to adhere to your products. Additionally, labelling machines are much more accurate than hand-labelling because you can be sure that the machine will place the label on the product precisely where you want it. But there are other facts you should know about labelling machines if you wish to purchase one for your business, and these facts can help you make the best decision for your needs. Here, then, is everything you should know about labelling machines: their benefits, types, and more.

The benefits

  • One significant benefit of labelling machines is efficiency. With your very own labelling machine or unit, you can enhance efficiency in your production line because the labels will be applied in a much faster way.
  • Another benefit is accuracy. With labelling machines and advanced labelling systems, you can take advantage of full precision in the placement of your labels, as these units and systems are capable of placing labels within 1 millimetre or less on each axis.
  • The third benefit of labelling machines is savings on cost. With a labelling machine, you don’t have to rely too much on manual labour any longer, which can save you expenses when it comes to the cost of hiring workers and training them as well.
  • Your labelling machine is highly versatile, and you can use it in different ways; for instance, you can place it in your production line along with other essential equipment, and this further adds to the speed and efficiency of your operations.

The types

There are indeed different types and kinds of labelling machines, and the machine you choose will depend on your exact requirements and application.

  • The wraparound machine – this machine is capable of applying a single product label, and this label, as the name implies, is wrapped around a round-shaped product’s circumference.
  • The top and base machine – the top and base machine makes use of two heads for the labels, and it can apply the labels to both the top as well as bottom surfaces of your product.
  • The front and back machine – as evident from its name, the front and back machine also makes use of two heads for the labels, and you can use it to apply the labels to both the front as well as rear surfaces of your product.
  • The tamper-evident machine – the tamper-evident labelling machine can apply one or two product labels; these labels are applied to the end of a container such as a carton so it can effectively seal your product.
  • The tube labelling machine – this can apply one label on the circumference of a tube that is flexible.
  • The C-wrap machine – the C-wrap machine can apply one label on the top, sides, and underside of a product, effectively making the shape of a C.
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