Everything You Need to Start Garage Workouts: Your Essential Guide

You need to work out where you will work out. 1.4 billion adults do not meet doctors’ recommended levels for physical activity.

One reason why is the location of where exercises take place. They are far from the house and hard to access. Garage workouts place exercise right in your backyard. 

But what should you get for your garage gym? What kinds of exercises should you perform in your garage? What can you do to make your garage more comfortable? 

Answer these questions and you can keep the pounds off without going off your private property. Here is your quick guide. 


Whatever kind of garage gym you are trying to create, you need to have weights. If you want to save on money and trips to the fitness store, you can buy some barbells online. Make sure you buy barbells that challenge you but don’t overwhelm you. 

You can get Olympic bars when you are capable of shouldering significant weight. Practice with the bars before you purchase them. If you cannot grip them well, you should not use them in your garage gym. 

A weight bench is a good tool if you have a bad back or knees. You can use dumbbells or Olympic bars on your bench, though you should have a spotter when you lift any heavy bars. Find a cushioned bench that supports your head and neck while you lift.

Placing your weights on shelves can create a dangerous situation if they roll off. Try purchasing plastic crates that can contain them on the floor.

Power Racks

A power rack is a great tool for a range of exercises. You can use it for pull-ups, squats, and bench presses.

There are many power racks you can buy. You should try to find one with spotter arms and bar holds. You can place your weights on the arms and holds, relieving pressure off your back and shoulders. 

Make sure your rack is not too cramped. There should not be low-lying bars that you can trip over or twist your ankle against. The top of your rack should be a foot over your head so you don’t bang your head against it. 

Aerobic Equipment

Many people prioritize workout tools that help them build muscles. They are good tools to buy at first. 

But you need to incorporate aerobic exercises into your workout routines. You can get a treadmill or aerobic bike at low expense.

If you want to save even more money, you can use a box to mime stair climbing or jumping. You can also use a jump rope or jog around the perimeter of your garage. 

You should be able to perform multiple aerobic exercises in your garage. The more you can do in your garage, the less you have to do elsewhere. 

Mobility Tools

Mobility tools will help you improve your flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes. As with aerobic tools, you want to find several mobility tools so you can enhance all of your skills. 

Foam rollers are the classic piece of mobility equipment. You should find a long roller so you can stand on it and hold your arms out. Try balancing on the roller and walking on it without falling off.

You can roll small mobility balls on your shoulders and feet to relieve the tension in your muscles. You can also practice balancing on them. 

Workout Mats

You must have workout flooring for your garage. Equipment is heavy and your flooring may crack if you are not careful. You also need support for your feet and legs while you are carrying weights or performing aerobic training. 

You need to improve your garage floors first. Rubber tiles are easy to walk on while providing great support for equipment. You can also use graphite and other materials that withstand the strain of your weights. 

Once you’ve improved your floors, you can find workout mats for your garage. The mats need to grip the floor so they don’t slide while you are working out. They need to be comfortable so you can stand or lie down on them for long periods of time. 

Buy a few different mats and try them out on your floor. You can find many colors and textures of mats, so see if there are ones that match the color and texture of your flooring.

Atmospheric Elements

You need to make your garage gym a comfortable place to work out in. Many garages lack insulation. Add insulation to your walls and around your windows so you’re not too hot or cold. 

Install lights inside your garage that illuminate all portions of your gym. You may want to add electrical outlets so you can run fans inside while you are working out. 

Feel free to buy a speaker so you can play music or inspirational tapes. Keep the speaker on the floor so you can access it easily. You can also hang art on the walls, especially if you like to meditate in your garage.

The Tools for Great Garage Workouts

Garage workouts are within your reach. You should start by getting some dumbbells and a power rack. These pieces of equipment cover most weight-building exercises. 

But you must perform aerobic training as well. A box, a jump rope, and space for jogging are all you need, though you can purchase a treadmill or exercise bike.

Protect your garage floor with renovations and workout mats. You should also devote some resources toward your personal comfort. Control the temperature, lighting, and sound inside your garage. 

Staying fit requires staying knowledgeable about the facts. Read more workout guides by following our coverage.