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Easter Garden Flags: Where To Put Them and How to Display Them

Did you know that 80% of Americans will celebrate Easter this year?

As the symbol of rebirth, hope, and new life, Easter is massively popular for good reason. Are you looking to spread the fun and joy this spring to all your neighbors?

If so, nothing perks up a yard or garden like cheerful Easter garden flags. Keep reading this fun guide for tips on how to select, position, and display them, for everyone to enjoy.

Selecting Size and Stand Type

Decorative Easter flags come in three relatively standard sizes. The first is Garden Size, which is usually around 12″ X 18″. The second is House Size, which is approximately 28″ X 40″.

The largest (and rarest) size is Estate Size, which usually measures about 36″ X 52″. 

 Despite the names, you can hang any size in your yard or garden. What can you use to hang them?

There are several types of stands for garden flags. The most common are: arbor style, garden flagpole, dowel or wall hanger, and wall-mounted. 

Choosing a Location

Don’t feel limited to just flowerbeds for your Easter flags. One of the most popular spots for flags is right by the mailbox, where people on the street can enjoy them. You can even buy mailbox-mounting brackets, to hang the flag on your mailbox post.

Try putting your flags on garden flagpoles, and sticking them in planters by your front door. This is especially effective if your Easter flags say “Welcome” or “Happy Easter.” 

If you have a nail or wreath hanger on your door, that is an excellent spot for a flag. Other ideal spots are on a prominent wall, halfway up the side of the driveway, or in the center of a plain yard, to add a spot of color. 

Place your flag anywhere you want to draw the viewer’s eye. Good Easter flags are extremely dynamic since they always have beautiful colors, adorable images, and happy text. This means they draw attention like a magnet.

Displaying Easter Garden Flags

When displaying, determine if the flag has a right side and a wrong side. Be sure to face the right side outwards from the house, especially if the flag has words.

At night, light your Easter flags with solar spotlights. Make sure the solar panel is in direct sunlight during the day, to charge. 

If you put your flag amongst flowers, make sure it won’t break delicate blooms and stems when it flaps. Also determine that it won’t block sunlight from your bulbs. 

It can be especially delightful to coordinate your flag to your flowers. There are many helpful guides for selecting traditional Easter flowers that have symbolic meaning. Decide whether to match colors with your flag, or have the flag stand out in a pop of contrast.

Spread Hope and Joy

Easter garden flags can be addictive–it is hard to stop at just one. The variety of styles, from faith to whimsy, realistic to artistic, leads many to amass a whole collection.

Feel free to display two or three at once all around your yard, and switch them out often. Nothing adds fresh color and character to your garden like a decorative flag.

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