DUI Legal Representation: Pros and Cons

When a person is charged with a DUI, they may consider several factors in deciding whether to hire an attorney. Although retaining a lawyer can be costly, it is often the best choice for protecting one’s future, making it worth the added cost. It is important for an individual who has recently been charged with a DUI to understand the following information on hiring a defense attorney to effectively weigh the pros and cons for their particular situation.

What to Consider

Hiring the right DUI attorney is a big decision that requires considerable thought. Retaining an attorney can be expensive, but a rigorous legal defense could also be critical in mitigating the fines, fees, and expenses associated with a DUI conviction.

Even though driving with a blood alcohol content at .08 or higher is considered a per se violation of DC DUI laws, a skilled and experienced attorney can investigate the reliability or accuracy of Intoxilyzer readings or negotiate with the prosecutor for reduced or even dismissed charges. The responding police officer could also report a driver’s intoxication based on subjective observations that may not be true. In these cases, legal representation from a skilled attorney could be invaluable in defending a person’s innocence.

DUIs are serious driving offenses and can have long term consequences on someone’s life. An attorney might be able to keep a driver from having their license revoked or suspended, or could have the drunk driving charge reduced or dismissed, depending on the driver’s BAC at the time they were stopped. An attorney can also prepare drivers for what to expect in court and ensure that all court requirements are completed if there are any. If a driver receives requirements to regain their driving privileges, an attorney could also help guide them through different alcohol-related programs.

Aggravating Circumstances

If a driver has aggravating circumstances, such as endangering a child in the backseat or damaging property, then an attorney may be beneficial in terms of reducing the severity of sentencing. While an attorney may not always be able to get the charges and case dismissed, they could mitigate these factors and lower the fines or sentencing.

An experienced attorney could provide additional context to the case or contest the prosecutor’s evidence. A persistent DUI lawyer could also give testimony to counter the claims of aggravating circumstances made by the arresting officer.

When an Attorney Could Help

DUI attorneys can act as guides throughout the whole process so drivers do not feel blindsided in court. If possible, an attorney could even expedite the process so a person can regain driver privileges sooner than if they did not hire legal counsel. It is always recommended to have a knowledgeable attorney by one’s side in court, despite the costs of hiring one. Any person charged with a DUI is recommended to schedule a free, initial consultation to learn how a lawyer could be a worthy investment in their future.

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