Dock design options to consider for your next dock

Design ideas to share with your dock builder

Is it time for a new dock? Docks serve an important function and there’s no reason why your dock shouldn’t also look great! Most docks are floored using hardwood, or engineered hardwood to
withstand the usual water splashes. A good Flooring Shop can help achieve some of the most amazing dock designs.

Whether you are looking to replace or upgrade your current dock or are starting from scratch, these design ideas can help get your creative juices flowing. Take a look at these ideas before you sit down with your dock builder to get a great looking dock!


There are a number of different options to consider when it comes to flotation: Full Float, Pontoon Float, and Poly Floats. Your choice in this department will likely have the greatest impact on the price of the overall project.

Bumpers and Fenders

You can choose from pine, hardwood, or composite wood for your fenders. This part of your dock is very important as it will help to decrease the chance of damage to your boat. Bumpers are available in D and P styles depending on your needs and taste.


Railings are optional, but they can add a higher level of safety and function to your overall dock. There are even rails available to hold all of your fishing gear and your beer too! If you spend time on the dock fishing or watching the water, a nice railing can enhance your overall experience.


If you have a need for lighting and utilities out on your dock, the channels can be incorporated into the design for seamless and safe use of lighting and electricity. This is especially helpful when you are working on your boat and need to utilize power tools.

Is it time to add or upgrade a dock on your property or marina? Contact ta dock builder today!