Do I need help to obtain Italian citizenship?

When you decide to relocate to Italy or pursue the citizenship process for any reason, the assistance of a third-party or agency helps relieve the stress of the journey. Obtaining citizenship can be a long, complicated process with levels of research and documentation required. An Italian citizenship assistance program steps in to develop a citizenship plan, prepare necessary paperwork and locate naturalization documents.

The program also manages other problems at stressful times, such as relocating ashes of a deceased loved one to Italy or obtaining an Italian tax identification number. If you speak fluent Italian and have a grasp on legal documents, you may successfully move through the process alone. When you do not feel comfortable flying solo or pursuing new opportunities without qualified help, the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program simplifies the experience. To determine if you would benefit from assistance, consider the following questions.

How is your Italian?

Speaking Italian is not required to obtain citizenship. However, the ability to read and converse in the language is extremely helpful as you navigate the paperwork necessary to become a citizen. Italy provides citizenship via birthright or descent from an Italian citizen, by marriage and by naturalization. Each type requires copious paperwork and supporting documentation. An assistance program will provide you with access to Italian speakers able to translate documents and communicate on your behalf through the process.

Are you familiar with or ready to research the nuances of the citizenship process?

Substantiating a claim to citizenship, particularly via birthright, requires establishing the citizenship of your ancestors. Obtaining and verifying documentation can be tedious and time intensive. The less you know about the documentation you need, the more complicated the process becomes. Outsourcing the effort can shorten the path to filing a completed application with the Italian government.

Can you handle the expense of delays?

When you need Italian citizenship for professional reasons, can you afford a delay? The cost of a delay or failed application isn’t necessarily measured in dollars or Euros but in the amount of time spent on the process. If you need citizenship for a business pursuit, a failed application could cost you a major contract or the job of your dreams. The Italian citizenship assistance program can make sure your paperwork is submitted right the first time. They also provide a plan and tentative timeline for the process, so you can manage expectations and develop your plans accordingly.

Do you know the laws of Italy?


When you are dealing with matters outside of citizenship, a knowledge of Italian law is required, and help may be needed. For example, returning your grandmother’s ashes to her homeland of Italy may seem straightforward. However, the process requires documentation from the funeral home and sealed transport to Italy. Once the body or ashes arrive, transport via ground is your only option due to Italian law. Without assistance, you could end up inadvertently breaking the law or failing to complete the request.