Different types of mass communication courses you can pursue in your career

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Mass communication is an excellent career choice for dynamic aspirants. It needs absolute dedication and perseverance to be a part of this industry. Only the forward-thinking aspirants can make the best differences. The urge to seek and unfurl the truth is what makes you different from the other aspirants looking for other academic courses.  To make your career promising, you need to find out the best institutes offering mass communication courses.

Courses you can pursue

To build a career in a particular domain, you need to be very constructive with your academic profile first. You will have to learn how to develop skills and increase your knowledge. First, you have to develop a sense of huge responsibility that a journalist carries on his shoulders. Secondly, find out every step of your career one after the other and then proceed. Use your resources wisely and follow the information given below.

  •         Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication courses

This is an undergraduate course with a duration of 3 years. A total of 6 semesters will be there to deliver a plethora of subjects in an organized way. This is the first of the mass communication courses in Raipur you can approach and pursue to prepare a foundation of knowledge. While pursuing this course, you will find numerous subjects to follow and choose as specializations in the next phase.

  •         Master of Arts in Mass Communication

The higher you go the comprehensive and focused the courses will become. After you are done with the undergraduate course, you can go for the postgraduate course in mass communication. It will help you choose a specialization and make your skills better. apart from learning many new skills and gathering knowledge, you will also find good opportunities to work with promising employers via internships, workshops, assignments, etc. This course has a duration of 2 years. The entire course is divided into 4 semesters.

  •         PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication

After completing your postgraduate course in mass communication, you can proceed to pursue a doctorate in the same stream. This is where you have to indulge in research work by choosing a particular domain first. Find the right college for mass communication courses in Raipur and then proceed to pursue it. Check the eligibility criteria for a PhD program of your choice. Make sure you fit into the criteria set by a reputed college. Prepare well if there is an entrance exam or interviews conducted by the college. Find the best subject to complete your degree and become a doctoral fellow.


Now that you know what kind of mass communication courses are conducted by the repute universities, plan your academic career accordingly. You can pursue a job after completing your graduation if necessary. You can also go for the advanced courses if you want. No matter what you decide, find the best colleges to pursue a course and seek the best options to set your career in the right direction.