Dago Dreampark Bandung

For those who have begun to be tired to go on fantastic excursions in Farmhouse, Floating Market and Deranch, do not be sad. You won’t ever perish in Bandung, because there’s one attraction for tourist which will become a prime offender in Bandung, Dago Dreampark! Possessing a land area of 12 hectares and located in the hills of Dago Giri, the attraction for tourist that has just started working in July 2016 hasn’t only jeopardized you with its exotic all-natural scenery, but could also be suitable for a thrilling tourist location with couples and families. Together with the plan, here will probably be constructed resorts, camping outside ground and tourist villages. I imagine this place is complete! He exclaimed, Dago Dreampark, that has this vast arena, also provides free cars at no cost, so it is easy if you wish to transfer locations from 1 automobile to another.

Also, the shapes of the terrain in Dago Dreamland are mountains that are up and down and very steep, therefore exhausted if you need to walk around. This place is vast, and it’s still beautiful as well because of the most beautiful pine for a photo location. In any case, it’s excellent, don’t work with lies, mainly if the time is ready, it’ll be thrilling going here. The amenities are also rather complete you, prayer rooms, restaurants, bathrooms, and extensive parking are encouraging facilities for the relaxation of your vacations.

One of these is a photograph spot on the flying carpet ala Aladdin, the rabbit hole, and also the house upside down. The drawback based in my view, the cost of tickets and train tickets to the game is rather high. For admission tickets, each is IDR 20,000, IDR 10,000 car park. Nevertheless, this entrance ticket is just a real entry ticket. To ride a car that there’s your requirement to cover again. Together with the purchase price of the automobile is also rather costly, for example, to ride boat costs IDR 30,000, and it isn’t calculated by one ship, but per person. Oh yes, in case the Farmhouse, Deranch and Floating Market tickets might be traded beverages/food, if the ticket Dago Dreampark might be exchanged for memorabilia, such as keychains, refrigerator magnets, or baggage.

In addition to this, the road to Dago Dreampark is also very small and jammed in the weekend, and Dago Dreampark is quite near and in 1 direction with LawangwangiResto and SalseVillatel.

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