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Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

You have insulation and you’ve done all the generic tips for keeping the house warm, so what now? Well, it’s time to get creative. In this short guide, you’re going to learn some tips you hopefully haven’t seen before in an attempt to keep your home warm for all!

  1. Baseboard Heating

If you haven’t seen this option before, you can now get heaters installed into the baseboards in your home. Normally, the heaters are installed into the baseboards underneath the windows since this is where cold spots normally occur. Rather than relying on central heating or radiators, you can have the heat blasting out of the baseboards instead. Not only is this an efficient way to warm the property, but it also allows you to save space.

Of course, it’s common knowledge that heat rises so you don’t have to worry about getting warm feet and nothing else.

  1. Add a Rug (or Three!)

Next, add some colour to the rooms in your home and keep the heat by using rugs. After using the heating, hardwood flooring will normally lose heat quickly and this leaves you in the same cold position as you were before. With rugs, the material will keep the heat and your home stays warmer for longer.

  1. Close the Curtains

As mentioned earlier, the windows are often culprits when it comes to losing heat and allowing in cold air. With this in mind, the first step should be to seal all doors and windows to prevent this cold air from getting inside the home. After this, close the curtains much earlier in the evening. If you wait until late, you’re allowing warm air to escape. With the curtains closed, the warm air will sit in the curtains and keep the heat bouncing around the room.

  1. Move the Furniture

Over the years, plenty of homeowners have been surprised to learn that their furniture layout was actually preventing the living room or bedroom from staying warm. For example, perhaps you have a sofa in front of a radiator? While it might seem a good idea at the time, we very rarely feel this heat because the sofa more often than not just blocks it. With the radiator free, it can warm the whole room.

  1. Ducted Gas Heating

Not just ducted gas heating, ducted gas heating that has been optimised for your home. With providers like Alpine in the market, we can now get a heating system that is designed to our specifications and allows full control in every season. For example, they will design the system to offer warmer zones. If a certain part of your home needs heating earlier in the year, use this zoning system. If nobody is in a certain room, switch the heating off there.

As well as keeping everybody warm, a system like this will also help to save money.

  1. Bathroom and Oven Doors

This won’t apply to everybody, but those who live alone can generate heat in a home by leaving certain doors open. For example, this includes the bathroom door while showering and the oven door after cooking.

  1. Go Traditional

We might be in a world of technology, but there’s no reason why you can’t go old-school with a terra cotta heater. After propping up an upside-down flower pot, slide some candles underneath and light them. Over time, the candles will heat the terra cotta and this material stays warm for a long time. Be responsible with pets and children in the home.