Craze for Fantasy Basketball is increasing among sports lovers:

With the change in technology there are ample options in the field of games and sports also. Those who love to enjoy the games can go for the online games in this era. They are easy to go for and play with various team members. There are multiple games present on online platform which one can go for as per his choice. Fantasy sports are getting more and more popular among sports lovers. Fantasy games are online prediction games where a virtual team is created by the user. The players are selected on their real life performances.

The teams created compete with each other on the basis of statistical performance of those players in actual games. The contests are conducted for short time period and are played. The better the players perform in real life the higher fantasy points you get. Fantasy sports started as a fun game between friends but due to popularity it is now a trending game among sports lovers. It has made fantasy sports a million dollar business. In Fantasy sports many famous sports games are played like cricket, basketball, baseball, football and kabbadi. The sports lovers are keen to play daily fantasy basketball game online.

Fantasy Basketball:

Fantasy basketball is played on the same basis and principles as other fantasy sports. To start the game you need to create a squad of players and they earn points based on their real-life performances.  The points earned will decide the win or loss of the team. The user should always try to create a match winning team as this will earn cash prizes. Basketball itself is a very famous game in the world. In this game two teams consisting of 5 players each aim for the basket to score a point against other in their opposite court. The team which scores highest points by maximum baskets wins the game. In India the craze for basketball is rising among sports lovers. People are very much interested and aware about the choice of basketball leagues that are available. They are very well ready to start one of the basketball leagues. An excellent platform of fantasy basketball is provided by the app. This provides the opportunity for sports lovers to utilize their skills and knowledge to win daily games.

Downloading the app:

Playing basketball might require efforts but downloading fantasy basketball app is not an issue at all. It s very easy and secure to download the app in addition to it is easy to as well as simple to use it. The best website of sports fantasy basketball is selected and mobile number is to be entered to get the link to download the app. Once the link is received on mobile, open the link and click on the download. Let the complete set of files to download and then open the file. Installation of the file will automatically start, if there is any problem in installation all the access to files is to be given and then tap on ‘Install now’. The app will be successfully installed on your smart phone. Now you can start playing.

Features of fantasy Basketball:

Game play of Basketball: The game begins with a tip off, in this 2 players of each team will try to get possession or assist in getting possession of the ball. Once the possession is with a team, it has 24 seconds to score a basket. If the team fails to score a basket possession is passed over to another team.

Rules in basketball:

  • Passes: Passes of the ball is done only by hands.
  • Movement: the moves used is only dribbling by a player, while ball is in possession
  • Dribble: it means bouncing the ball, up and down while moving from one place to another.

Scoring: when the basket is scored outside the arc the team gets 3 points. When the basket is score inside the arc the team scores 2 points. Free throws, when awarded by referee due to fouls gives- 1 point.

Choosing the Team: Selection of 8 best players is done to make a squad fantasy basketball game. To start the game selection of players is the most important decision as one needs to create match winning team. These players include- Point guard-minimum 1 to maximum of 4, shooting guard- minimum 1 to maximum of 4, Small forward- minimum 1 to maximum of 4, Power forward- minimum 1 to maximum of 4, Centre- minimum 1 to maximum of 4. Star player should be selected carefully as they get 2 times the scored points and Captain gets 1.5 times the scored points. You can create your own team of 8 players from both the teams to compete against each other. Detailed information of the fantasy basketball is provided by the app.

Possessions: Opposing teams get the ball through blocking the shot, rebounding the shots that are missed, stealing the ball or fouls by other team.

Practice and Cash Contest: If a person playing or using the app is new to the fantasy basketball game and is not aware about the rules or does not have knowledge should opt to play practice contest. This helps you to understand the rules and knowledge about the game in a better way. While if the user is aware about all the skills, knowledge and rules related to the game, they can play cash contest. Through cash contest one can earn real cash and can select from big to small cash contests of the matches or leagues. You can also invite your friends to play private matches by just downloading the app. The private matches can be enjoyed with friends and family. Inviting friends can let you earn through refer and earn policy offered by the apps.

Live Sports: The facility of watching live matches is also offered by the apps. You can watch your favorite sports on the app live without any interruptions. The games schedule is shown and accordingly one can view live matches on the app. This helps you explore a new experience of fantasy sports games.