Convenient Transportation in Bandung

If you don’t use a private vehicle, there are numerous modes of transportation in Bandungthat you could opt to take a walk around the city. To visit attractions for tourist destinations in Bandung and get around the city, you could use public transport starting from town transportation (angkot), tour buses (Bandros), DAMRI buses, delmans, automobiles rental and motorcycles, to taxicab.


When deciding to visit several attractions for tourist destinations in Bandung not by private vehicles, maybe angkot could be a distinct public transport that may require you to different destinations. The angkot tariffs themselves possess a propensity to change, based on route and distance. In case you use the bus and get off in the LeuwiPanjang terminal, there will be several public transportation which will give you consistent with the desired destination.

As an example, should you want to visit Ciwidey, you could take an angkot that belongs to Terminal LeuwiPanjang – Ciwidey.


Angkot is what might take you to the tourist location of ​​KawahPutih, Patenggang, Ciwalini, RancaUpas, alongside other attractions for tourist in Ciwidey.

If you want to attend a destination that is close enough to your LeuwiPanjang terminal, then you could take an angkot which goes to Cibaduyut – KebonKelapa and cease from the Map Park tourist location, the distance is quite close, just around 1 km.

Bus Bandros

The name Bandros is short for the word Bandung Tour on the Bus. This level bus is made particularly for travelers who would like to surround the city. The path begins from Taman PustakaBunga – JalanSupratman – Diponegoro – Gedung Sate – Sulanjana – Ir. H. Juanda (Dago) – Ganesha – Taman Sari – Ir.

Pay attention to the working hours should you would like to enjoy traveling across the city working on this particular bus. Since it only works at 08:00 am – 4:00 pm only. For the buy, itself may be increased free for people but must enroll first the afternoon before. Although for your booking will be charged IDR 800,000 per unit for 2 hours.


This DAMRI bus could take you from LeuwiPanjang terminal to different attractions for tourist in Bandung. If you would like to visit Lembang, you might take a DAMRI bus majoring in LeuwiPanjang – Ledeng terminal in a speed of IDR 5,000 per Apr 2017. From Ledeng terminal, it’ll be linked by merely carrying an angkot to Lembang. Lembang is also famous for having many intriguing attractions, such as Bosscha Observatory, Floating Market, Farm House, etc.

There’s also a DAMRI bus going to Cicaheum with a fare of IDR 3,000 that can take you to various destinations, such as AlunAlun Park, Jalan Braga, Menara Masjid Raya, GedungMerdeka, and Cikapundung Culinary Center.

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