Choosing the Right Industrial Baler or Compactor

With a number of different compactors and industrial balers on the market, finding one for your business can take a little research. Investing in an industrial baler can often require a significant commitment so you want to make sure you find the right one. At Global Trash Solutions, we help companies discover the right waste management system to help cut costs and increase efficiency. There are some things we think you should keep in mind before buying an industrial baler or compactor for your operations.

Amount of Materials Needing to Be Processed: This is the first aspect that should guide you in your choices. Every business does process different volumes and it’s necessary to assess how much a given piece of equipment will be tasked with handling before committing to a solution. Compactors and balers come in multiple sizes and the price tag will vary. The price tag will usually coincide with the amount and complexity of the material the piece needs to handle. It doesn’t make sense to overpay for capacity you don’t need but you don’t want to settle for something undersized since this will be inefficient. We can help you find that balance.

Lifespan of Equipment: Balers and compactors are under constant stress, which is why you need to think about durability. We know that durability is an important factor, so you need to understand the equipment’s lifespan before you make a purchase. Research the expected longevity and be sure to ask about information related to service intervals and replacement parts. Addressing these concerns will help you factor in any equipment downtime and allow you to better budget for your needs.

Type of Material Being Processed: It is important that you measure the overall efficiency of a piece before you make a purchase. This means you need to think about the different types of materials since balers and compactors will work differently. Choosing the right baler and compactor means you can ship recycling and waste more economically. At Global Trash Solutions, we have expertise to help you along the way.

Ability to Use the Equipment Safely: Recycling and waste handling can be dangerous. This type of heavy machinery does have a lot of moving parts and poses serious risks if not operated correctly. Companies should look for equipment that has safety features to handle the materials and ensures good working conditions for staff.

The Difference between Compactors and Balers

Both balers and compactors are effective tools for reducing the size of materials. Balers are used for processing recyclables and compactors are used to help with trash volume. The benefits of balers are the lower cost of disposal, a clean work environment, and the ability to generate additional income from the waste being processed. The benefits of compactors include making the process of transporting waste easier and helping make bulky waste more manageable. The bundles that are compressed by compactors take up less space and also reduce the cost of transport. Contact us for help with choosing the right compactor or baler for your business.