Flowers In Nature: And Their Uses In Our Life

Flowers are the gift by the plant to human society. Flowers are not only for the decoration and gift, but it has some different meaning in nature. Flowers remove the toxic element from the air like carbon dioxide and provides fresh air to the environment. And apart from that, it...

Holter Monitor Explained

A Holter system is a small wearable machine that tracks your heart rhythm. Patients are advised by doctors to wear Holters for a period of time during which the monitor records all the heart activities. It is an ambulatory ECG machine that is used when the heart’s activity is abnormal....

Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Pill

Emergency pill   can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex but should not be used regularly as a standard strategy for birth control. How Does Emergency Pill Work? Based on where you are in your cycle, they may work in one of these ways: It might forestall or postpone ovulation. It...

Fetal Congenital Arrhythmia vs Cardiac Monitoring

Fetal congenital arrhythmia is an irregular beating of the heart of a fetus, caused by a congenital disability or an inherited genetic condition. Most are brief, fleeting occurrences of slow or fast heartbeat or irregular heart rhythm. Less common but more fatal are those that cause low cardiac output, foetal...

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug to Cocaine and Heroin Use?

You may have googled the terms "Is marijuana a gateway drug" and found information that confirms that marijuana is a gateway drug linked to future use of "harder" or more addictive substances. If you or someone you love is currently using marijuana and are concerned it can lead to use...

Does Becoming Doula Need Certification?

If you follow the actions as set out the actions described below, you should have your doula certifaction in hand within 12 weeks of the beginning! ACTION 1: Have a Passion for Birth and/or Infants That's all you require! Every little thing, else the training will educate you. You will...
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