Car Care: Eight Tips for Taking Care of Your Automobile

check the oil level in car engine

The pandemic caused a huge boost in used car sales! Whether you bought your car used or new, during or before the pandemic, you will need to do maintenance to keep it up and running.

Taking care of your car is necessary if you want to ensure that it is always there when you need it. It can feel like a big responsibility. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

If your car is older it will need more maintenance than a car that is a more recent model. Don’t let your car break down with you on the road, here are some car care tips that will help to prevent that from happening.

1. Change Your Engine Oil

Your engine oil requires changing regularly. If you pay attention you will even see whether or not there is a leak happening. 

If you notice that there is leakage take it to a service center to get it repaired as soon as possible. You can use engine oil that is specifically manufactured for your vehicle. Although most generic brands also work when you have no other option.

2. Check Your Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid is also another fluid that you cannot afford not to have enough of in your vehicle. You can check your transmission fluid level once your engine starts warming up.

A mechanic will be able to tell you if the fluid reservoir is low. Your mechanic will fill out the tank for you if it is running low. They can also fix any leaks that are occurring.

Of course, if you understand how to do it yourself, you can save some money. The bottom line is whether you do it yourself or get someone to do it, make sure it is done. Your transmission fluid levels should always be adequate.

3. Air Tire Pressure

Your tires are an essential component of your vehicle. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated. A good examination of them will also let you know whether or not they need changing. Your tires should have a specific pound per square inch (PSI). 

You will need to use a digital tire pressure gauge to help ensure that your tires are at the right pressure. If you don’t know what the correct pound per square inch (PSI) is you should check on the manufacturer’s website. You need to ensure that you check the pressure in your tires at least once per month.

Uneven wear on your tire can cause your brake or shock absorbers to become damaged. You should have your wheels aligned now and then too. When your wheels are not properly aligned it will cause your tires to wear out a lot faster.

4. Clean Your Car

This may seem obvious but one of the best ways you can take care of your car is to ensure that you wash the body at least once per week. Dirt and grime should be removed from your car as soon as possible. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself take it to a car wash.

This is especially true if it is winter and there is salt on the road or you have been through rough terrain. Dirt and grime can dry up on your car. Do not allow it to dry, because when you finally decide to clean it may cause scratching.

Make sure that you also take the time to wax your car regularly. When you wax your car it helps to keep the paint job looking fresh. It can also provide an effective barrier against pollution from the environment.

You can use microfiber cloths to help shine up your car. You can discover more on microfiber madness.

5. Avoid Harsh Sunlight

Harsh sunlight can be brutal on the interior and exterior of your car. Parking in the sun every day without taking the time to at least put some kind of cover on your windshield will not only affect the exterior paint job on the car but will also cause the upholstering inside of the vehicle to start fading as well.

6. Do an Engine Wash

An engine wash will become necessary at least once per year. When your engine is clean it will be cooler and this helps to prevent damage. 

You can get your engine washed professionally or you can do it yourself. However, if you’re doing it yourself make sure that you know exactly what you are doing because you can do some damage if you are not careful.

7. Change Spark plugs

As part of regular car maintenance, you will need to have your spark plugs replaced after a few thousand kilometers. This will ensure that you get proper mileage on the vehicle. It will also help to maintain good engine performance.

Find out how many kilometers the manufacturer says that you can take the car before changing the spark plugs.

8. Maintain Your battery

There are some car batteries that a manufacturer will tell you that you don’t need to be maintained. However, even if they say that it, is good for you to perform maintenance on your battery to make sure that everything is working properly.

This regular check will help to keep the battery lasting longer. You should make sure that the terminals of your battery are always clean. You can wipe them down with a damp rag to remove dust and grime.

The battery case can often contain dust and grime so make sure that you are checking it as well. If you notice any bulges or cracks on your battery then it usually means that it is time for it to be replaced.

Car Care Tips

Car care is something that you need to get right. Taking care of your car in a proper way will ensure that you are not left stranded on the road because of malfunctioning parts. Performing regular maintenance can help you to spot problems before they get worse.

You can then have them taken care of so that you can avoid having a breakdown of your vehicle when you least expect it. Get a professional to help you whenever necessary to ensure that the job is done right.

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