Business Security Breach: Common Physical Threats

Did you know that at least 16 billion records have been exposed through data breaches since 2019?

When you think “data breach”, you usually think about cyberattacks. But the truth is, your physical security is just as important when it comes to your business data.

Don’t forget about physical factors when it comes to business security. Here are some common ones you should know to further prevent a security breach.

Unauthorized Access to the Premises

Most office buildings allow people to come and go as they please. This already leaves your business pretty vulnerable.

If possible, get keycode access to either the building, your office building, or particular rooms. This will allow you to filter traffic into your office better.

You should also educate your employees on workplace awareness. If they’re inputting the code to the keypad, they need to ensure no one’s watching them and that no one slips in after them either.

As for your server room, hire a business security guard for additional security. They can either stand guard right outside of the room or monitor security cameras.

Physical Business Data Theft

Criminals can steal your business data through malware. But they can also simply steal it by coming to your office!

Monitoring the people coming in and out of your workplace is just half of the fight. You need to also ensure that your employees have good practices in place so no one steals valuable data.

For example, they should password lock their computers every time they get up and leave their desks, even if it’s for a few minutes. Also, they should never leave papers out on their desks. Not only is it messy, but anyone walking by can take a look or even worse, steal them.

Natural Disasters

Something that many business owners don’t consider is natural disasters. Power outages, fires, and floods can happen at any given time; are you prepared?

You’ll need a backup plan for your data to ensure little to nothing is lost should emergencies happen. A good idea is to have several data backups, both online and physically. That way, if you lose your current data as well as a backup, you still have more backups to restore from.

Hire a Lawyer

If you’ve already suffered consequences as a result of poor physical security, then you need to hire a competent negligent security attorney. These professionals will be able to get you fair compensation, especially if this happened somewhere that’s not your own business.

Be Vigilant and Prevent a Security Breach

A security breach can be devastating to your company. Some can be so bad that you need to shut your business down.

So make sure you’re vigilant and are proactive about security risks. And always keep in mind that your physical security is just as important as your digital security, if not more!

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