Best items for AP assassins in league of legends

Climb League of Legends as AP Assassin: Basic items

This patch was generous to assassins, just look at the Akali and other champions. They are amazingly great in the League Solo Queue, but to boost elo league of legends you need to understand the basics. From the item build to the matchups. And in this article, I will tell you all the basics about AP assassin’s item builds. Assassins dividing by three classes:

  • AD Assassins;
  • AP Assassins;
  • Hybrids.

This guide is mostly for the AP Assassins, but if you prefer Hybrids you may benefit from reading this guide as well.

How to win the Laning stage as an AP Assassin

Laning stage is incredibly major for every assassin class champion because they fully depend on the League snowballing mechanic. So this is the core that is the fundament of your later match. Here I will tell you what items you will need to win almost every matchup.

AP assassins League of Legends

AP Assassins has four major items, every one of them is depending on laning situation. If you see that you have a positive match you need to focus on aggression, but if you are not sure in the outcome of the laning stage, then you would prefer defensive items.

Increase survivability with Doran’s Shield

Doran’s Shield – is the greatest choice for every melee champion because you WILL be poked hard on the lane. This will partially save you from the harassing and give you additional opportunities to CS minions and earn some gold for the core items. Bonus Health and HP restoration will give you a chance to survive the laning stage.

Doran’s Shield is the best choice for Kassadin, Akali, and Katarina.

Aggressive is a key – Doran’s Ring

Every AP champions on the Summoner’s Rift heavily depend on their abilities, and that is why AP assassins want Doran’s Ring as mana replenish tool. Additional Health Pool, Ability power and Mana regeneration are the go-to stats for LeBlanc, Ahri and all the similar champions. Increase AP to harass enemies and secure your CSing. Never forget about additional little passive bonus that will help you in creep slaying – additional 5 physical damage to minions.

Doran’s Ring is the best for Ahri, Fizz, and LeBlanc.

Secure and early killing potential with The Dark Seal

The champions who could claim the first blood like Fizz or Katarina may benefit from The Drak Seal. If you see that your matchup is great, then you need to play aggressively and get early kills to start snowballing. Additional AP and mana pool will give you all the chances to endlessly harass opponents and secure early kills, that will increase your power due to the passive bonus that stack your AP with the EVERY kill. But be sure that you are good at macro, or the whole idea of The Dark Seal will fade out. For every kill you will have two Glory stacks, the max stacks of the Glory are 10, and every Glory gives you +3 AP. So if you will have 5 early kills you will have an additional 30 Ability Power that is huge during the early and mid game. But if you will die, you will instantly lose three (!!!) stacks, that is why you need to have the greatest macro.

ap assassins lol

The Dark Seal is the best choice for Akali, Katarina, Fizz.

Live long and Recall late – Corruption Potion

Corruption Potion will give you additional lane sustain and that is the most important thing in bad matchups. So if you do not have any early kill potential this may be your best choice. You will stay longer on a lane and accumulate more gold before the first recall and you will buy the first core item sooner.

Look at the matchup, and if the things are not so bright, you would better to buy corruption potion.