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Benefits of Septic Tank Systems for Your Home

Emptying household septic tank. Cleaning and unblocking clogged drain.

You know you’ve reached adulthood when the ins and outs of your sewer system interest you. If you live in a residential area, you most likely have a residential sewer system that your community has installed.

If you move to the country though or want to live more independently, you could have a septic tank. More and more people are seeking independent living where they’re the masters of their own domain and owing to no one.

A septic system is a great way to move toward more independent living. It also comes with a myriad of benefits.

keep reading to learn about all of the benefits of a septic tank, whether you’re in the middle of no man’s land or have neighbors just down the road.

What Is a Septic Tank

Septic tanks are large tanks, usually anywhere from 750 to 1,250 gallons big. They hold the wastewater generated by your home. The septic system is built so that solids in your wastewater sink to the bottom of the tank while the liquids keep moving into a drain field buried away from your home.

Drawbacks and Benefits of a Septic Tank

Ultimately, septic systems are environmentally friendly ways that will help you save money and offer you an alternative to municipal sewer systems. There are clear benefits and a few drawbacks to septic tanks.

Financial Savings

On the positive side, you will ultimately save money by not having to pay a monthly public sewer bill. Furthermore, will save money on property taxes because your property is free from a municipal sewer line.

Feed the Earth

You also will contribute positively to the environment with a property m maintained system. A system like a septic system will ultimate remove pollution from surface water, recharge the ground water, and ultimately replenish natural aquifers.

Facilitates Independent Living

You can enjoy the dream of living in a more rural environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Simple Maintenance

On the downside, you will eventually have to pay for the upkeep of your tank. New septic tanks will last up to 40 years, so if you purchase a new tank, you have a while to wait for septic tank cleaning and basic maintenance.

You also have to be careful with what you put down the drain. The wrong type of debris in the garbage disposal will have you calling an emergency septic service when your sewer backs up.

When you live in the rural area, you have the advantage of living in a quiet peaceful neighborhood. Septic systems are a basic part of this, and they ultimately save you money on utilities and taxes.

Plan on having an expert inspect you tank every year. You will also need to call out a septic pumping service to empty the tank once a year.

Embrace the Benefits of a Septic Tank

Ultimately, the benefits of a septic tank outweigh the drawbacks. You will have the freedom of living free from the ties of municipal utilities. You also will contribute positively to your environment with a lush drainage field thanks to your waste water.

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