Baidu new updated algorithm

Baidu has propelled a few calculation refreshes in the course of recent years. For search advertisers and webpage website admins focusing on China, understanding Baidu’s calculation updates can help clarify changes in rankings and natural site traffic and at last improve site design improvement. 

In this article, we examine Baidu’s calculation refreshes, their effect on Baidu search, and what moves you can make to upgrade your site for Baidu. 

The Ice Bucket Algorithm 5.0 


Baidu search moved up to ice pail calculation 5.0 in late November. As per a whitepaper on Baidu’s portable inquiry point of arrival experience, this overhaul secured presentation page commercials, applications, and full-content capacities existing in the Baidu application. It additionally included unlawful substance separating as well as restricting the inquiry and show of SERPs. 

Activities to Optimize for Baidu 

Streamline your portable presentation pages agreeing Baidu’s whitepaper. 

The Breeze Algorithm 3.0 


Baidu will update the breeze calculation in late October 2018. Breeze Algorithm 3.0 incorporates gauges from the Baidu Search and Download Station Quality Specification with breeze calculation 1.0 and breeze calculation 2.0 and conducts a thorough survey of the title cheats, false downloads, and group downloads. 

Activities to Optimize for Baidu 

Ensure that you give the right assets to your downloads. 

The Hurricane Algorithm 2.0 


Sea tempest Algorithm 2.0 targets sites that have replicated and copy content. Unnecessary copied substance renders the data unintegrated, the design confounding, and the article here and there muddled. Clear hints of accumulation, for example, article grafting and poor rationale, makes a poor understanding background and offers no an incentive to the client. Furthermore, extreme replicated content not identified with the subject of the webpage demonstrates that the area has inadequately focused and malevolently gotten traffic—for instance, if an innovation site gathers a lot of stimulation tattle news and social news. 

Activities to Optimize for Baidu 

The intensity of substance to improve a site’s positioning execution is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Solid site substance is portrayed by clear, brief data that contains watchwords important to the page and client need. All things considered, it is basic to furnish excellent substance with solid comprehensibility and a decent client experience—and recall not to simply gather disconnected substance from different destinations and WeChat open records. 

The Drizzle Algorithm 


The Drizzle Algorithm advances the solid improvement of B2B and industry catalogs, (for example, the Yellow Pages site). The calculation centers around battling two strategies that add to low-quality substance: 

Title Cheating 

This happens when culpable sites profess to be the official webpage of a prevalent brand and additionally when culpable sites watchword stuff their titles. 

Content Cheating 

This happens when culpable sites much of the time incorporate over the top and pointless contact data in the substance of their site page. 

Activities to Optimize for Baidu 

Don’t catchphrase stuff your titles, claim to be a site other than your own, or add unreasonable contact data to the page. 

The Aurora Algorithm 


Baidu propelled the Aurora Algorithm to determine time-stamp necessities and give more noteworthy point of reference to pages that are time-stepped with the distribution date, the date of the most recent changes made (if material), and any answer dates (if relevant). The calculation by and large targets news destinations and educational locales. 

Also, Baidu propelled its Search Landing Page Time Factor Specification control. Website admins can advance their time-stamps and presentation pages as indicated by this guide. 

Activities to Optimize for Baidu 

Update your pages with pertinent distribute, change, as well as answer dates. 

The Thunder Algorithm 2.0 


Baidu propelled Thunder Algorithm 2.0 to rebuff snap duping. This update from Thunder Algorithm 1.0 chiefly targets malevolently made duping super chains and pernicious brush click practices. As far as possible the pursuit execution and cleans cheat connections and cheat clicks for culpable sites. Furthermore, cheats are recorded to the historical backdrop of the site. Rehash miscreants will be for all time prohibited. 

Activities to Optimize for Baidu 

Try not to make malevolent duping chains or phony snaps. 

The Beacon-Fire Algorithm 2.0 (Mobile) 


Baidu propelled Beacon-Fire Algorithm 2.0 on portable inquiry to battle malignant capturing. This calculation seriously rebuffs guilty parties for taking client information and malevolent seizing (for instance, the demonstration of vindictively taking private information, for example, the client’s cell phone number, without the client’s authorization and additionally the pernicious capturing of Baidu traffic). 

Culpable destinations will be for all time restricted. 

How might you settle these offenses at the earliest opportunity? Baidu offers two recommendations: 

  1. Seizing brought about by sites with malignant code: improve your site security through HTTPS change. 
  2. Malignant code on the website page: clean the issue page. 

Activities to Optimize for Baidu 

The key takeaway is to improve the security of your site through HTTPS change. Most web indexes have affirmed the positioning increase in HTTPS sites. Web crawlers treat HTTP and HTTPS sites in an unexpected way. In the event that you move your site from HTTP to HTTPS, web search tools will regard this as a webpage move with a URL change. Accordingly, divert your clients and web indexes to the HTTPS page or asset with server-side 301 HTTP diverts. Baidu Webmaster Tools gives a HTTPS accreditation device to inform Baidu when the website is refreshed to HTTPS convention. 

The Breeze Algorithm 2.0 


Baidu propelled the Breeze Algorithm 2.0 to battle two kinds of download conning: 

False Download Descriptions 

Sites will be rebuffed when the genuine download asset doesn’t coordinate the portrayal; for instance, the title of the download page depicts a book download, yet the real download asset is an application, or the page title depiction is for application 1 download, yet the real download asset is application 2.

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