Average Penis Sizes Around the World

For many men, there is a natural curiosity around penis size and how they “measure up” to the international average.

There are plenty of stereotypes out there about where you’ll find the biggest (and smallest) penises and how to measure them accurately.

Some people assume that penises follow the proportions of the rest of your body. Others insist that the accurate measurement is from the tip of the middle finger down to the wrist. However, there is no standard formula that will determine penis size.

If you’re curious about average penises sizes around the world, we have some surprising insight on the subject.

Stay with us to learn more about penis sizes by country and find out where you fall on the spectrum.

What Is the Average Penis Size?

The average penis size is actually not as big as you might expect. Studies show that 5 to 5.5. inches is the average length of an erect penis and approximately 3.6 inches while flaccid.

Penis size is influenced by several factors, such as genetics and testosterone levels.

While penis size might be a source of insecurity for some men, it might be comforting for cis-gendered, heterosexual males to know that the average woman’s vagina is 3.7 inches deep.

Penis size also makes up a small factor in many intimate relationships.

What Determines Penis Size?

There are a few important factors that determine penis size.

Genetics plays a significant role as they are received from the sex chromosomes of the parents. However, chromosomes come from both the mother and father, and that means even siblings can differ in penis size.

Hormones can also affect the size of the penis. This is particularly true during puberty. High levels of testosterone can increase penis growth, while low levels can lead to a shorter penis length.

Nutrition is also important to consider, as malnutrition can lead to stunted penis growth.

How to Properly Measure Your Penis Size

Measuring the average erect penis length means using the right technique. The measurement should start at the base of your penis, where it sits on the pubic bone to the tip or head of the penis.

You want to ensure that you do the measurement correctly so that you don’t cheat yourself out of valuable fractions of an inch.

Check out this guide to measuring your erect penis for more info.

Average Penis Sizes Around the World  

While the average penis length is smaller than most people expect, there is still a question of penis length by country. This guide shows some of the top contenders and those who ranked at the bottom of the world comparison for penis lengths.

Countries With the Largest Penises 

These countries come out on top in terms of length, some surpassing the seven inches. From Africa to Latin America, men from these countries boast the longest penises in the world.

  • Congo – 7.1″
  • Ecuador – 6.9″
  • Ghana – 6.8″
  • Colombia – 6.7″
  • Venezuela – 6.7″
  • Jamaica – 6.4″

A few honorable mentions in this category also go to Lebanon, Brazil, and Bolivia. Some European countries on this list include Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Countries With Average Penises

The average penis size is commonly found in these countries. Many men from all different countries fall into this category.

  • Bulgaria – 5.9″
  • France – 5.7″
  • Israel – 5.6″
  • Finland – 5.4″
  • Portugal – 5.2″
  • The United States – 5.1″

A few others that fall into this category are Spain, Finland, Canada, Australia, and Russia. These are among the international average for all men.

Countries With The Smallest Penises

The men from the countries on this list fall below average when it comes to penis length. Here are some of the countries:

  • Vietnam – 4.5″
  • Japan – 4.3″
  • Philippines – 4.2″
  • India – 4″
  • Thailand – 4″
  • North Korea – 3.8″

Other countries in this category include Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Many of the countries on the lower end of the penis length spectrum are in Asia.

Does Size Matter?

The age-old question that plagues many men – and women – when it comes to intimacy.

Penis size doesn’t affect your ability to get an erection and have a satisfying sex life, but it can make men insecure. While there is no simple answer to the question “does size matter?”, most research will show that in intimate relationships, it doesn’t.

Studies show that less than 15% of women wish that their partner had a larger penis. Up to 88% of women reported that they were very satisfied with their sex lives and the size of their partner’s penis.

Pornography and pop culture are both culprits in creating an unhealthy – and unrealistic – standard for men’s penis size. Men are developing unhealthy body image views and opting for penis augmentation to attain this unrealistic standard.

Anxiety and stress around your penis size can affect your performance and even lead to erectile dysfunction. This can create a cycle of sexual issues and dissatisfying sex life. Instead of being preoccupied with your size, enjoy exploring ways to satisfy yourself and your partner.

Understanding Penis Sizes and Averages Around the World 

Our guide shows you the average penis sizes in different countries around the world, but there is no predetermined size guarantee. Ultimately, genetics and hormones play a large role in determining the size of your penis. It is common to feel insecure about size from time to time.

If you’re feeling curious about penis sizes around the world, rest assured that most men fall into the average category when it comes to size and length.

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