Are You Planning To Ship Your Boat? A Few Useful Tips

These days many people like to own a luxurious boat in addition to having cars, bikes, or any other vehicles. However, to get a boat transported fully intact from one location to another can be a tough job. To get it safely transported, you need to take the help of any yacht shipping services.  

Transporting any expensive boat is quite a delicate as well as a sensitive business because these yachts are usually brand new and hence need much better security for their safe delivery.

Your choosing the best boat and yacht shipping company will make a lot of difference. Ship a Car, Inc. transport team has required knowledge and expertise of providing top-notch service at a very affordable price to any destination.

Yacht shipping tips

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If you are planning to ship your boat from one location to the other then the following tips can be very useful for you to know.

  1. You must check your insurance cover for every stage in advance and make sure that every operation that will be needed during shipping is fully covered at each point of the process.
  2. It will be necessary to strip everything from your yacht. Your canvas work must be removed and then lines are moused out.
  3. Check whether your yacht is watertight or not. Yachts will remain exposed to different weather while on passage.
  4. Make sure that your interior is fully secure. Generally, yacht shipping companies recommend you to use trucking straps for securing anything below that can possibly move.
  5. You must empty all the water tanks. Your fuel tanks must have only the minimum required fuel that is necessary to just get your ship to and from your transport ship. All the gas bottles must also be removed.
  6. Make sure that you check the yacht shipping contract. They never guarantee the exact delivery date as the weather condition may delay the shipment.
  7. You can therefore shop around as prices for shipping vary a lot based upon several factors, which also include whether the ship is full while offering their quotation. You must check if they have any scheduled service because usually, they can be cheaper.
  8. You must also think in terms of the winter climate while shipping your yacht, as shipping via north European countries can expose your yacht to cold and freezing temperatures too.
  9. Leave your mast up and most specialist yacht shipping service companies will generally ship all their yachts with their rig stepped.
  10. You must leave one spare key. In case, the ship ever pulls into any other port, then Customs may like to get the yacht on board.

Yacht shipment is usually is quite a sensitive business. Any company to operate in this business will need proper license and approval from the concerned authorities. It has to meet the required standards and then obtain a no-objection certificate from the concerned authorities.

Licensing and certification will be a clear sign that the company you have chosen is legal, and meets necessary standard for shipment.