Are Hybrid Campers Right for You? A Closer Look

Around 11% of US households with older Millennials and Gen Xers own an RV. They are the perfect investment if you love the outdoors and want to explore more of the country on the weekends.

If you’re in the market for an RV, you’ll no doubt come across hybrid campers in your research. Every type of recreational vehicle has pros and cons. The key is to determine whether they are the best RV for you or not.

To help you decide, this guide will explain what a hybrid camper is and all the considerations. That way, you’ll feel confident you’ve made the right choice when you hand over your money and hit the open road.

What Exactly Are Hybrid Travel Trailers?

Hybrid campers are any type of travel trailer with pop-out or slide-out sides. They are a cross between a solid travel trailer and a tent trailer. These campers are popular within the RV community and any good RV seller, like RV Nation, will stock them.

This type of camper is available in a variety of sizes and weights. Most hybrid travel trailers are around 12ft, but some stretch as long as 25ft.

Benefits of Choosing a Hybrid Camper

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of hybrid campers is the bonus space. Some even have three or four pop-out sections. This could mean the difference between having a camper with two sofa beds or four full-size queens.

Pop-out sections are often more lightweight than you think too. Slide-outs weigh around 800 lbs but canvas pop-outs are only around 50 lbs.

It may take around 30 minutes to pack away pop-out sections on older hybrid campers. But if you have a newer model, it could take as little as five minutes. Hybrid camper converts also love that they have more of a “camping” vibe than other RVs.

Possible Downsides of a Hybrid Camper

Because most pop-outs are canvas, there is the added risk of leakage in wet weather. This might mean they aren’t as durable and don’t last as long as other RVs. But all RVs carry some risk of water leaks.

Hybrid campers also might be less safe in the event of an animal attack. The thin material also means your vehicle is less soundproof, so other campers might hear you and vice versa. Plus, the sun will stream through the canvas pop-outs in the morning as you would expect in a tent.

But as long as you bring earplugs and an eye mask, the last two issues are easy to fix. And you’d have to be very unlucky for a bear to target the pop-outs of your camper.

So, Are Hybrid Campers the Right RV for You?

Hybrid campers give you the gift of more space on your RV trips without the hassle of driving extra weight or length. They’re perfect for couples or small families on a budget who could always use a few extra feet.

Buying an RV allows you to explore the whole country. So where will you go first? Browse our travel articles for destination inspiration and road travel tips!