Abrasion and Scuff Testing for Packaging

The packaging is vital as it is what is supposed to keep the items we order safe until they reach us. This means that packaging cannot be anything that will allow the item to get broken or will cause harm to the item itself including those that are very fragile items.

So makers of the packaging have to do heavy testing on what it is that they make so that they know it won’t hurt the item. The testing the maker of the packaging does is scuff testing which is the test to see if there is any scuffing on a package or not.

In the scuff testing process, the first thing that happens is the packaging is made in a small batch of two or three. Then they are packed into boxes with extra-fragile items that will show if there is any damage that could happen to a product.

If there is any damage done in any of the boxes then that type of packaging gets completely scrapped and they move on with the process. when there are packagings that are found to be good for just heavier items though they get marketed as such because the same type of packaging will not work for everything and by the end of the testing there are several products that are good for different types of packaging.

After that testing then the company sells it and lists what it is to be used for with the scuff marking test score to companies so that the packages can be put together and sold.

As for the packaging that you find for sale they are put through the same process but you won’t find the scuff grade on them because the average person simply does not understand what that is used for so instead they just say for what type of packages such as glass, metal, and more.

When it comes to the cost of the packaging the finer and the better the grade the more expensive it does cost for it because that means you are buying the best and no matter what the package goes through the items will not be harmed and scuffed up due to any fault of what was used to package the item.

When you are shipping things for a longer period or that is very fragile it is vital that you get the best packaging made for that item that you can afford even going to look online as in the store you will only find the average and cheaper materials made for the packaging.

Online you can search by grade and find what is really going to be the best for the package that you either have to store or have to ship all over the country. Overall packaging is a serious business and the testing and making of products for packaging are happening all the time because of the greater need for people to get the item in great condition the first time.

Not only does packaging save an item but it saves companies money and the customer a lot of time and hassle from getting items that are damaged and broken. So make sure that when you are looking for the next bit of packaging that you need to get the very best so that everything you store and ship is in good condition when it gets to the person that you would like to give it to.