A Comprehensive Guide on Bollards

Bollards are a common sight in different types of establishments. These solid, usually metal posts play a critical role for businesses and public spaces. These bollards keep vehicles out of walkways and restricted areas while protecting pedestrians and infrastructure.

Bollards provide both safety and security, withstanding both accidental and intentional crashes. Stores, malls, and institutions such as banks also use bollards to prevent crash-in robberies. Many insurance providers may require you to install bollards in front of your establishment, although this depends on the value of the stock you carry.

Depending on their purpose and the area where they’re used, bollards may vary in size and material. The average automobile is 1.5 metres tall and their height, averaging at 1 metre, makes them easily visible to drivers and other people.

Another factor that adds to its visibility is the type of material and colour used. Many bollards come in bright colours or embedded with reflective tape or stickers.

The most important factor in choosing a bollard is its strength and durability. It should be able to protect vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure from damage or buffer any sudden impact. This is largely determined by the material used and if it is correctly installed.

Bollards are generally categorized based on their material, purpose, or type of installation.

Bollard Types Based on Installation

How bollards are installed can affect their durability and whether they can perform at maximum capacity.

Bolt-Down Bollards

Typically cheap and faster to install, these bollards are secured through bolts drilled into the ground. However, they may not be as strong as other installation types regardless of the material used. These bollards are also called surface-mounted bollards.

In-Ground Bollards

As with many steel bollards in Perth, in-ground bollards are installed by drilling a hole and placing a good portion of the bollard underground. It is then reinforced by concrete for added strength and can also be bolted down.

Retractable Bollards

These bollards are also installed below ground and reinforced with concrete. However, they may not provide the same structural strength. These bollards can be retracted into the ground, allowing access to restricted areas as necessary.

Bollard Types Based on Function

Removable Bollards

As opposed to retractable bollards, you can easily remove these bollards and stow them away or move them to a new location. It allows you to open up your space as required and typically takes less time to install and reinstall.

Most removable bollards include those that can be padlocked, or you can use a key lock to remove it as necessary.

Many upmarket locations use steel removable bollards to enhance the look of their establishment while giving it both protection and convenience.

Fold-Down Bollards

Fold-down bollards or parking bollards can help protect your parking bays. They’re particularly helpful for keeping illegal parkers out of your designated area at home or even at your workplace.

You can easily fold them down to give access to your vehicle as needed using manual or automatic methods. It can be as easy as clicking a button from a transmitter so you don’t have to get out of your car. The battery-operated Dugite Automatic Parking Bollard helps you raise and lower the bollard with the push of a button. The batteries last up to 12 months and each bollard comes with two remotes.

Manual fold-down bollards are a more affordable option you can also consider. The Dugite Fold Down Parking Bollard is easy to install on your own, but it’s best to hire professional installation and maintenance services.

Shock-Absorbing Bollards

While bollards are generally designed to stop a fast-moving vehicle, sometimes you need a bollard that can flex and absorb low-speed impact applied to it. This would buffer its momentum and reduce possible damage to the protected area. Plus, you wouldn’t have to keep replacing the same bollard.

These can be in-ground or surface mounted and are designed to be highly visible so it can warn drivers even from afar. They are ideal for car parks and warehouses, especially those typically surrounded by heavy vehicles.

Permanent Bollards

Permanent Bollards are the most common type. You may see a lot of steel bollards in Perth. They are installed to protect both domestic and commercial property from any intentional or accidental vehicular impact. There is a wide array of permanent bollards to suit your needs, whether you prefer in-ground or surface-mounted ones.

Bollard Types Based on Material

Flexible Plastic Bollards

Plastic is a popular material for non-impact bollards. Impact bollards are designed to bend or crack when hit by a vehicle. Non-impact bollards are designed to fold flat when they’re hit.

It is not meant to restrict or direct vehicle movement. Rather, it acts as a highly visible indicator to improve driver awareness. This is important as distracted driving is a leading cause of vehicular accidents.

Plastic bollards are great for high traffic areas where driving speeds are low, helping to keep drivers out of walkways and to redirect the flow of traffic.

Non-Conductible Bollards

Power generators, power boxes, and other electrical units with an earth circuit will surely benefit from the protection of non-conductible bollards. As many other materials used for bollards can conduct electricity and cause accidents, non-conductible bollards protect pedestrians and vehicles from electrocution upon contact.

Most non-conductible bollards are made from black plastic and are relatively inexpensive. The standard one is made with a domed top but more designs are available. It is 150mm x 1.5 metres long, ensuring visibility.

Stainless Steel Bollards

Nearly everywhere you go, you can find stainless steel bollards in Perth and for good reason. With a good design, they can easily boost the aesthetic of even upmarket properties. They are sturdy, command the attention of pedestrians and drivers, and can protect individuals and vehicles from untoward damage.

Steel bollards come in three types: removable, fixed, and collapsible. The stainless steel permanent bollards can be concrete filled for increased durability. Its exterior also has high resistance to corrosion, making them a worthy investment that’s built to last.

If you need help in choosing the right bollards for you, get in touch with trusted bollard providers and installers so you’ll make the most of your investment.