9 Things Men Need To Remember When Buying Shapewear

Shapewear is not just for the ladies. mens shapewear is also available in the market to help the gents achieve their body goals and improve their posture in the process. These undergarments can also boost confidence. If you are new to this stuff and you want to enjoy its benefits, here are nine things you need to remember.

Identify your objective. Do you want to wear something to help you compress your torso and abs? Or are you particularly looking for something that provides you more support while you run or play some sports? The first step in buying the right shaping underwear is to know your purpose.

Know the different types of shapewear for men. There are different types of men’s shapewear being sold in the market. The mirdle (or male girdle) is designed to help cut down extra fats in the waist and abdomen area. The male bra, on other hand, helps keep their breasts in place. For slimmer legs, men can wear the so-called mantyhose. To compress the bottoms, buying the right briefs and boxers is beneficial.

Determine the level of support you need. Shapewear for men is also available in different support levels. Light-control shapewear offers a slightly larger coverage than regular underwear. Those in the moderate level can help sculpt the body better while ensuring comfort. Firm shapewear is not recommended for daily use because of the high level of support it gives. If you are looking for maximum support, you should try extra-firm shapewear. No matter which level of support you want, experts recommend opting for shapewear with the traditional hook-and-eye closures (vs. Velcro-equipped ones) for more effective support.

Get the proper size. Like shapewear for women, it is important to get the right size for men’s shapewear to be effective. Before buying any shapewear, you should always refer to the size chart and buying guidelines of the brand or store.

Never compromise your comfort. Why get the right size? Apart from efficacy, this will help guarantee that your comfort is not compromised. To further secure comfort, you have to choose breathable materials like cotton and power mesh microfibre.

Buy quality shapewear from a credible shop. As men’s shapewear is gaining steady demand, many shops are taking advantage of the market behaviour. Be careful when buying your own shapewear. Shop only from a credible supplier.

Ask around and look for reviews. To find a reputable shapewear supplier, you can ask within your circle for recommendations. You should also do your homework and look for online reviews. As much as possible, look for photo testimonials from consumers who have the same built and/or purpose as yours.

Know that patience is essential. While shapewear can help you hit your dream body shape, it would not happen just by wearing it for a few days. You have to be patient and persistent. Plus, you have to pair it with other healthy fitness practices and diet.

Do not be ashamed. Modern men who want to try wearing shapewear to achieve their desired body shape should not be ashamed. After all, one of the purposes of working hard — and smart — to attain a certain body goal is to build more self-confidence.

Hemant Kumar
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