8 Emojis For The Summer

Remember when we were kids, and we can’t wait for the summer break to start? We love the thought of longer sunshine, warm weather, and endless activities to do. Some of us would hit the bed to have more sleep, spend our days playing, or go on a family vacation. What could be a more perfect destination than the beach? Get creative with your posts and messages using these emojis for the summer. 

Droplet Emoji

From the splash of the waves to the sweat coming from beach volleyball, we can’t help but put the water emoji in each of our captions on our social media. The water or droplet emoji is the ideal emoji to notify people that you just finished playing outside and need a good cold drink to freshen up. Use this emoji in one of your captions for a photo of a cold beverage.

This emoji could also mean that you sweated a lot because of the heat. However, depending on context and the situation, using the droplet emoji could mean that you are sad, excited, or tearing from laughter. 

The emoji comes in different designs depending on the messaging and social media platform you are using. It may either be in blue, white, or grayish color. So start using this emoji with the sun to show your excitement for the warm weather.

Beach With Umbrella Emoji

We often picture summer with the beach. Inform your friends about your destination by sending them to the beach with an umbrella emoji. The emoji shows an umbrella on the shore with the view of the water. With the beach with umbrella emoji, you can tell people you are sunbathing.

This emoji is the perfect representation of the beach. It sometimes comes with the sun and starfish on the sand, depending on the platform you are using. Sometimes, the beach with umbrella emoji is shown in black and white, while they are shown in different color combinations on messaging and social media platforms.

Sweat Droplets Emoji

Summer means warm weather, and you would sweat for days to come as the temperature gets high. Don’t sweat yourself by typing a lengthy caption on your status about the heat. Just use the sweat droplets emoji to tell people how hot it is in your place. This emoji could also mean rain.

If used with another emoji, you can produce distinct impressions, such as crying or spitting. The emoji is displayed in several designs in variations of blue. In some messaging platforms, it is shown in black and white. 

Umbrella on Ground Emoji

Beach umbrellas can only mean that you are already at the beach. It works similarly with the umbrella on ground emoji. Since the umbrella is farther away from the water, a person could be relaxing in a hotel or restaurant near the beach. The emoji are shown in different designs and color combinations per messaging platform.

Water Wave Emoji

Have you always been a fan of water activities? They are the best sport that you can do while under the summer heat. The water wave emoji is the best hint to invite people over for a surf or swimming on the beach or pool. 

A wave is typically formed in great waters like the sea and ocean. Using this emoji could mean that you love water activities or feel relaxed with the waves’ sound. The water wave emoji appears in different designs and directions with variations of the color blue. 

Bikini Emoji

Swimwear is always a big hit during the summer. Using the bikini emoji in a caption of a picture of a pool or the beach informs people that you are about to swim.  This emoji is shown as a two-part swimming suit. Prepare for the summer by inviting your friends to buy a new swimsuit with this bikini emoji paired with a shopping bag, money, or the mall emoji.

Shorts Emoji

Shorts have always been a men’s choice when they are hitting the gym, staying at home, and when they are at the beach. A perfect way to invite your buddies on vacation is by sending a shorts emoji and the sun emoji. 

In shopping, the shorts emoji paired with the jeans emoji could mean a question of what to wear or what to buy. It is also shown in various designs, such as board shorts or basketball shorts, depending on the platform it is used.

Smiling Face With Sunglasses Emoji

The sun’s rays could make everyone have a hard time looking at the far distance, especially when you are in an open space like the beach or walking on the side road. Wearing a pair of sunglasses completes our summer look. 

The smiling face with sunglasses emoji could easily inform your followers and friends that you are having a great time on a relaxing vacation, or just chilling on the shore when paired with any beach-related emojis.

The design of this emoji denotes a cool person with black sunglasses on. Each social media platform has its smile design of the smiling face with sunglasses emoji. For instance,  Samsung has its own version with the mouth ajar.


Summer is always something to look forward to. It is the best season to do several outdoor activities and the right time to visit unique places across the globe. What’s your plan next summer? Tell your friends what you have in mind by using emojis perfect for the season.