7 Things You Should Not Miss On A Rainy Day In Bangalore

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India and a city of dreams for new talent in I.T sector has a lot to offer than just technology. Its awesome weather, nightlife and warm nature of people make it one of the most sought after cities in India. Bangalore always experience moderate temperatures but real beauty is seen on a rainy day. If you are in Bangalore, then you cannot miss doing these things on a rainy day, when heart sings and soul dances and all you can think of taking leaps and bounds in the pouring pearls of water.

  • Walk At Cubbon Park

Nature is at its best in Cubbon Park on a rainy day. A great place to hang with family and friends, the park is well maintained and you can take a lot of photos. If you are the one who believes in living the moment, then take a walk barefoot on the grass on a rainy day at Cubbon Park and experience what contentment is!

  • Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Surely rain calls for pakoras but what about sweet tooths? Cake is the delicacy they wish to grab but how to go out on a rainy day when traffic will be at its peak. Well, that is where online bakeries come in. Pick online cake home delivery in Bangalore and have each slice with love while enjoying the rain from your balcony.

  • Head To Koshy’s

If breakfast lovers could have a paradise in Bangalore, it would indeed be named Koshy’s. Enjoy a hot cup of steaming coffee with your partner on a romantic rainy day. Don’t be taken aback with its vintage appeal, it is just a part of its charm. Tall pillars, big fans and squealing windows with mouth-watering food is simply irresistible.

  • Feed Your South Indian Appetite At MTR

Just a few meters ahead of Lalbagh Botanical Garden, you will find an eatery which will serve you unforgettable South Indian food. It is a heritage hotel and make sure to get there earlier than others else you will be stuck in a queue. Such is the good food here. Relish hot sambhar there on a rainy day and thank us later!

  • Brigade Road – The Time’s Square of Bangalore

What could be better than taking a stroll at such a busy yet beautiful corner of Bangalore! Located on Mahatma Gandhi road, it is a hub for restaurants and pubs. Enjoy good food, take pictures, walk a little bit and you can take a ride home in metro, the lifeline of the city. If possible, don’t miss a coffee at Matteo’s.

  • Enjoy Street Food At V.V Puram

Nothing can make an Indian’s heart skip a beat like street food on a rainy day. Make Kaho Gali, a part of your rainy day experience in Bangalore and  enjoy chaat, golgappe and local food without a second thought. Your soul will be satisfied with the yummylicious treats.

  • Make Way For Empire At Midnight

Just when hunger hits you at the stroke of midnight or its start pouring and you cannot hold yourself back at home, head to Empire. The food is delicious and is a perfect spot to feed those late night hunger pangs. Eat it to believe it!