6 Social Media Platforms That Perfect for Marketing Your Business in 2021

Social media platforms are like the playground of marketing for businesses. If they are good at it, then there is nothing that can stop them from winning or achieving their business goals.

It is not a hidden fact that customers are looking for different channels to connect with their favorite brands. But we must know that every company can not be present everywhere. This is very true for small businesses as they are having a small budget for marketing. Due to this, it becomes very much important for businesses to develop their presence on social media platforms.

To win the game of social media marketing, the selection of the right social media platform will play an important role. This will be dependent on different factors. This will include the type of audience, type of business, your goals, and much more.

In the following blog, we are going to tell the ways to select the right social media platform for marketing your business and the six best platform that you should check-in 2021:

Selection of Right Social Media Platform

Now, the first question in your mind will be how a business can select the right platform for marketing on social media. To do so, you have to keep the following three things in your mind:

Select Platform That Has Your Audience: The most important thing for your business is the audience. If you are not able to find your audience, then there is no point in having a business. The business needs to understand who their customers are and how they like to spend their time in the online world?

You should start asking a question to yourself:

  • What is the purpose of using social media platforms?
  • Which platform are they using?
  • In what way they like to get information about services and products?

If you are not aware of these things, then you should start working on your “customer avatar”. A customer avatar will be including information like challenges, preferences, goals, demographics, and psychographics. The more you understand your customer, then it will be easier for you to engage your customers.

Pick Platforms That Are Related To Your Content-Type: For your information, there are two types of content:

  • Macro-content

It is a big picture and long-form content. It can be your audio, written, or video content. To publish such content, you will choose platforms like Apple Podcasts, WordPress, and YouTube respectively.

  • Micro-content

It will be a short form that can be easily understood. This can be pictures you see on Instagram feed or the short tweets on Twitter. Some other platforms you can use are Pinterest, Facebook, and more. 

Keep one thing clear in your mind that macro content has a long life span as compared to micro-content. Moreover, if you are interested to market your content well, connect with a professional company for content marketing services.

Minimize The Number of Social Media Platforms You Want to Visible: Don’t make yourself visible on every platform. You should pay attention to quality instead of quantity. Every platform is like an art. To win there, you have to master it well. You just select one platform and try your luck there. For instance, Facebook has more than 2 Billion users, so you can make a start from there.

You must know that you have to spend a lot of time to develop your presence on a social media platform. It is not just setting up your profile and publishing things on it.

Best Social Media Platforms You Should Try in 2021


First, on the list, we have Facebook. It is one of the most used and the largest social media platforms in terms of users. The number of active users on this platform are more than 2 Billion. According to stats, ¾ of the users visit the platform several times a day.

Furthermore, if you have any misconception that teenagers are not using Facebook, then you are wrong. Total 51% to 79% of the users on Facebook are 13 to 29 years old.

Facebook is one of the best digital advertising platforms. With Facebook ads, you can target your audience with great ease. No matter what business you are doing, you can use it to attract more audience toward your business.


The next platform on your list is Instagram. It has more than 1 Billion users. If you are planning to target the younger audience, then 72% of the users on Instagram are teenagers and 67% of the young adults are below the age of 30. So, this can be a platform as well to boost your business.

Note that 43% of the people with a college degree are using Instagram and only 42% of the people with high-income are using this platform daily. With Instagram, you can tell your brand story to your audience that is visually very appealing!


This platform has more than 330 million active users. It is also one of the best platforms in the social media world. This platform doesn’t have many photos or videos, you just have to convey your message in a tweet within 280 characters. Due to this, you have to make your message precise and sharp to engage your customers. As you have limited characters, it compels you to be more creative when writing something.

The people using Twitter are 18 to 29 years old. 38% of the people from the age group are using Twitter actively and 32% of the teenagers use Twitter as well. You will find 26% of the people between an age group of 30 to 49 years.


Initially, it was a business and employment-based social media platform. This platform is best for B2B businesses. This platform has 300 million users. In terms of size, it is four-time smaller than Facebook and 2 times smaller than the Twitters.

The news feed section on LinkedIn is not as competitive as on Facebook and Instagram. Here businesses can easily connect with their followers and connection without paying for the advertisement.


It is one of the important and used social media platforms without any doubt! It has more than 1.9 Billion people on YouTube regularly. In terms of use, it is equivalent to Facebook and Instagram. In terms of age group, 85% of the teenagers and 38% of the people are over 65 years old.

Do you know that after Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine? With this, you can reach people who are searching for your content and video content is one of the best and liked formats of content today!


Lastly, we are going to talk about Pinterest. The majority of people are using this platform to get inspired or find helpful content. This platform is also having 322 million monthly active users. One of the interesting facts is that women are 3 times more than men on this platform.

For your information, 38% of the people with a college degree are using this platform. If your business wants to target the women audience, then Pinterest should be on your list. More importantly, the Pinterest Buy Button is also making it easy for you to sell your products directly from your Pinterest Page.


Hopefully, now you are aware of all the best social media platforms, then you can try to market your product or services in 2021. If you are still confused about which one to pick, then you should connect with a skilled digital marketing agency right now to get assistance.