6 Online Medication Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Thanks to the pandemic, online shopping is more popular than it has ever been, and that includes buying medication. Are you planning to get your next prescription at an online medication store? You’ll need to be wary of medication buying mistakes.

Almost 97% of reviewed websites in one report were violating the law. These violations relate to the quality of medication and the standard of service.

That may sound like a lot, but there are plenty of reliable medication store websites. To stay safe, we need to know is what to look out for and which mistakes to avoid.

1. Avoid Fledgling Pharmacies

It may seem a little unfair to a new business, but try to avoid websites or sellers who have ‘appeared’ from nowhere. If they have been operating for a longer time, it suggests that they are legitimate.

A longer operation time also means they will have a distinct online footprint, which helps to verify legitimacy.

2. Check the Stores Stock

If the online store selling the medication claims to be a general pharmacy, check their stock. See if they have the sort of things you would usually expect.

A great sign of a legitimate operation is product pages with high levels of detail. For example, if you were purchasing an inhaler like Breo Ellipta, there should be an in-depth explanation of the medication and dosages.

3. Read the Reviews

As with purchasing anything online, you should do some light research on online customer reviews. Multiple websites offer satisfied customers the ability to leave their comments on an online seller.

Another great thing to keep an eye out for is reviews of products by doctors.

4. Make Sure They Verify Prescriptions

An online store selling medication should always require a prescription before selling anything to you. Not asking for a prescription is a red flag that should tell you to avoid the store at all costs.

If the store is willing to sell medication with no prescriptions, there is no telling what other laws they may be willing to violate.

5. Compare Pricing

Depending on the medication you are trying to buy, you should be diligent about the pricing. Price gouging is not unheard of, especially with medication that is difficult to obtain.

Sellers that are safe to buy from will meet the market values of the medication they sell. Excessively high prices suggest at least some sort of shady business practice and are best avoided.

6. Make Sure They Ship to You

Last but not least, you should ensure that the shipping meets your needs. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out there is a weeks-long wait on an important medication.

You should also make sure that they ship to where you live.

Safety Beyond Medication Buying Mistakes

Many of these medication buying mistakes can apply to any sensitive purchases. Staying diligent is the best thing you can do when navigating the tricky world of online stores.

As with anything, knowledge is power. For more useful information on a vast range of interesting topics, keep reading our blog!

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