6 Most Common Emojis People Use on Social Media

Emojis are symbols to represent a particular meaning. There are emojis you can use to tell people you are happy. Others will show sadness, pain, and even stress and anxiety. Some emojis represent your typical daily life to any strong feelings or emotions. In fact, many people use these emojis today on different social media platforms. 

It could be on Facebook posts, Instagram stories, and even Twitter and other popular platforms that people use. Here’s a list of typical emojis on social media that you can try to incorporate on your next posts and stories. 

Clapping Hands Emoji

Clapping emoji is one of the most common emojis you can find on social media. This symbol represents two hands with the palms facing each other and little rays to show a clapping movement. The yellow skin color is the default color of this emoji, but there are other available color variations. It was successfully added as part of Unicode 6.0 that was introduced last 2010. 

When you receive a clapping emoji on one of your social media posts, it means appreciation from someone who left this symbol on the comment section of your post. It shows acknowledgment and appreciation of your success, skill, talent, and anything good about you. Besides that, it’s a symbol to complement a congratulatory message. 

Handshake Emoji

Another common emoji used by many on any social media platform is the handshake emoji. It’s a symbol of two human hands holding each other in a tight grip. This emoji represents a way of greeting someone at the first meeting, or it’s a different way of saying hello. It also connotes an agreement between two persons or groups of people, like a plan or deal that all members agreed and acknowledged.

Folded Hands Emoji

The folded hands emoji has many meanings. The symbol shows two human hands with the palms firmly pressed together. It shows a gesture of prayer when you want something you desire will happen soon. It shows you hope that positive things will occur.  

You can also use the folded hands emoji if you request a person to give or do a favor for you. It looks like saying “please” to someone. When your request has been successfully granted, you can use the same emoji to show you are thankful. Besides that, other people use this emoji to express different sentiments, such as praise, respect, reverence, and many others.  

Open Hands Emoji

The open-hands emoji is represented by an image of two human hands with fingers and palms in an open position. The symbol means to give a hug to everyone who needs comfort, appreciation, and even a way of commending someone for doing something great. It also connotes openness to new ideas, opinions, suggestions, and even comments and criticism. 

Besides that, the open-hands emoji also means a celebration of someone’s success or victory. Hence, whenever you share your life’s success on your social media accounts and find an open-hands emoji in the comment section, it means that the person is celebrating your victory. It’s something that will surely make you happy.

Palms Up Together Emoji

The palms-up-together emoji is shown on an image as two human hands held out together, and the palms are open facing up. It’s also one of the common emojis that people use on any social media platform. In American Sign Language or ASL, this emoji means an open book based on the hands’ gesture or positioning. 

Some people also use this emoji if they want to encourage people to pray for something good or positive to happen soon. It also has a connotation of borrowing something from someone else or simply begging for something you don’t currently have. Hence, this emoji has different meanings, and its meaning depends on how to use it together with your written message and other emojis.

Raising Hands Emoji

The raising-hands emoji is presented in a symbol of two raised human hands with the palms and fingers in an open position, and lines appear above them. Many people use this emoji on social media to express joy about something good that has just happened. It connotes a surprise and pride over something that has recently occurred, which is worth celebrating and becoming joyful. 


Technology has been so dynamic that it even keeps developing almost every year. Smartphones and social media have been concrete proof of the progress that surely gives people the comfort of life. The mood of communication using innovative technology has also been popular worldwide, and that includes the development of emojis. 

The list of common emojis discussed above that most people use on social media nowadays are a few of those available on the internet. You can start using one now to incorporate on your next post or stories on your social media accounts.