5 Ways Business Translation Services Can Help Your Organization Thrive

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Did you know half of the small businesses that launch today will fail in only five years?

There are a lot of factors behind this drop. Some businesses fail to market their brand. Others don’t invest in the right methods to compete with similar businesses.

Businesses can also fail due to expanding without considering the value of business translation services. You can’t simply open your business in a new country and expect it to achieve the same level of success it does in your hometown. It’s worth your time and money to invest in a professional translation services company.

What benefits can you reap from certified translation services? We’ve got the answers listed before. Continue reading to learn why you shouldn’t scoff at professional translation services:

1. Caters To Local Crowd

A whopping 40 percent of consumers won’t shop at a site that isn’t available in their native language. Other shoppers will still check out an e-commerce site in English but prefer shopping if they can access the site in their language. 

Take China, for example. The country has a population breaching over 1.4 billion people and most of them speak either Mandarin or Cantonese. You won’t be able to hit that demographic until you offer your services and website in the languages they speak. 

2. It’s More Than Converting Text

Sure, you could launch an in-house department to handle translations. However, it’s still more productive to hire professional language translation services. Translating involves more than converting the text on your website, marketing materials, and products. 

You also need to consider the cultural differences. Phrases and idioms that seem common and normal in the US might lack a significant impact in another country. Phrases that seem normal for English speakers could seem offensive in another language.

3. Professional And Global Branding

Professional translators have the experience and knowledge to make sure your branding stays strong and relevant in another language.

Think about how two words that mean the same thing can give different vibes. Using Google Translate will convert the text but it might not carry the same weight. You can learn more about professional branding and translations with this guide here.

4. Avoid Cultural Controversies

What may seem normal for English speakers could seem offensive in another language. Hiring website or document translation services will help you prevent unintentional PR blunders. 

5. Faster Turnaround

Doing translations in-house means you have to divide your resources and staff. Some will carry on running your business while others will focus on translating. This slows down production and the translation job. 

Hiring an agency eliminates this problem. You get to focus on managing your business. The agency gets to focus on the translation job and nothing else, guaranteeing a faster turnaround.

Get The Best Business Translation Services Today

Now you know the different benefits of working with expert business translation services. You’ll get the job done quickly, prioritize global branding, and avoid PR controversies. With professional translators, you’ll be able to target other demographics and expand your brand.

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