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5 Warning Signs of a Failing Water Softener

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As you finish your home maintenance checklist, focusing on visible areas and appliances is natural. Yet, ignoring the inner workings of your house never ends well. 

The water softener is often broken by the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. If your home has one, regular maintenance is the only way to keep the benefits you enjoy.

You don’t need to be a home repair expert or plumber to diagnose a broken water softener. Read this quick list of signs your water softener is failing.

1. You’re Drinking Salty Tap Water

You’d notice seawater in an instant, but slightly salty tap water can go unnoticed. You may get used to the hint of salt and never complain about it. 

Check again, as salty-tasting water is a common sign of a broken water softener. Salt is a key part of the softening process and can escape broken systems. Most people dislike the taste and it can harm your home’s plumbing.

If your water is salty, ask a specialist if a broken softener is the issue.

2. Orange Is the New White

Your somewhat orange shirt wasn’t meant to be a fashion statement. It was a white T-shirt when you put it in the washer.

Nobody’s pranking you. Contaminants in your water are to blame. Orange stains and tones on white fabric are a clear sign your water softener and filter system broke down.

3. You See Ugly Splotches and Spots

Are you plagued by white splotches that came out of nowhere to ruin your nice silverware?

Most failing water softeners release minerals such as calcium that cling to silverware and other items. When the water dries, those minerals remain as white splotches and spots. Fixing or replacing the water softener could be the home repair needed for shiny forks and knives.

4. You’re All Dried Out

If the refreshing feeling you got from showers vanished over time and left you dried out, you may have a water softener issue. Hard water sometimes makes dry hair resist treatments, too.

It doesn’t stop there. Calcium and other minerals also contribute to dry skin and itchiness. The cause might be a defect in the water softening system, not a medical condition.

5. There’s a Ring in Your Toilet

You may like the color orange, but not enough to decorate the toilet with it! The unfiltered water flowing through your house’s plumbing missed the memo and decorated for you.

If you have this problem, you might have noticed it’s near-impossible to scrub away. It keeps coming back because the water itself is the issue. Fixing the water softener could banish the ring for good.

Home Maintenance Tips and Other Valuable Know-How

Now that you know these signs of a failing water softener, you can solve any problems before you lose control.

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