5 Things You Can Do to Reduce Car Pollution

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the greenhouse gas emissions created by cars account for almost one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the country each year. This makes it very important for you to do your part to reduce car pollution.

One easy way to reduce driving emissions is by trying to drive a little bit less than you are now. By occasionally walking or biking to places that you have to get to, you can help to reduce the car pollution in this country.

You can also learn how to reduce car pollution in other ways. Here are five things you can do to play a bigger part in the reduction of this country’s motor vehicle pollution.

1. Take Public Transportation Whenever Possible

Is there a reliable public transportation system in your city or town? If there is, you should kick around the idea of using it as often as you can.

The less that you have to drive your car, the less car pollution that you’ll help to create. Utilizing public transportation is a great way to get to the places you have to be without putting any pollution out into the air.

2. Try to Carpool With Others to Work, School, Etc.

Do you live near other people that you work with, go to school with, etc.? If you do, you might want to think about carpooling with them to work, school, etc. every day.

Outside of the fact that you’ll save money on gas, you’ll also cut down on how much car pollution you’re creating. It’s another simple way to stop your car from polluting the planet as much as it is now.

3. Avoid Idling in Your Car at All Costs

Do you routinely sit in your car for long stretches of time with the engine running? Idling like this is going to create a lot of unnecessary car pollution.

If you know that you’re going to be sitting in your car in place for more than a minute or so, you should shut your engine off to stop it from doing any damage to the environment.

4. Make Sure You’re Maintaining Your Car

Have you fallen behind on car maintenance in recent months? If you have, you should make maintaining your car a much bigger priority.

By keeping your car in great shape, you can prevent it from putting out too much car pollution. From changing the oil in your car to replacing the catalytic converter, you can do things that will work wonders for the planet. The eco-friendly functions of a catalytic converter simply cannot be overstated.

5. Invest in a More Fuel-Friendly Car

Does your car guzzle way too much gas at the moment? In addition to putting you in a position where you’ll have to pay too much money at the gas pump, you’ll also be creating too much car pollution in a vehicle like this.

You can put a stop to it by investing in a car that is a lot more fuel-friendly. It’ll save you a lot of money over time and benefit the planet in a big way.

You Can Reduce Car Pollution by Taking These Steps

As you can see, there are so many different things that you can do to reduce car pollution. From taking public transportation to maintaining your vehicle, there is no shortage of steps for you to take.

Try some or even all of the things that we just mentioned on this list. They’ll make it possible for you to play a role in helping the planet.

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