5 Things You Can Buy on Darknet Markets

Darknet markets sell a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect in any other market. Many of us still don’t know much about what is darknet and what you can actually buy on darknet markets. Darknet also called dark web or deep web was initially built by the United States government for sharing and exchanging classified information. Darknet today houses an unregulated market where you can buy almost anything under the sun! 

Here are the top 5 things you can buy on darknet markets:

  • Drugs

Darknet is quite easily the biggest marketplace of drugs of all kinds. There are several darknet markets with hundreds and thousands of vendors selling opioids and other drugs. According to a report, a market in the dark net called AlphaBay was housing over 120 vendors who were selling fentanyl (a synthetic opioid drug). There are various other darknet markets such as Hansa, Silk Road, and many others that sell drugs to buyers. Practically all markets on the darknet thrive on selling drugs. Talk about raw opium, heroin, and 99 percent pure cocaine, ecstasy pills to pain killers- you’ll find every sort of powerful drugs in the dark net, provided you have the right amount of bitcoins.

  • Stolen Credit Card Numbers

Darknet is a storehouse of stolen credit card numbers. Credit card data that are stolen from various retail stores are flooded into darknet markets and these markets sell credit card numbers and data (customers’ names and addresses) in batches of a hundred. If you’re wondering why they’re sold in bunches of 100, it’s because you can’t be sure how many of the cards have been canceled. These are sold for extremely low prices- a batch of 100 stolen credit card details come at a dirt-cheap price, as low as one dollar.

  • Fake IDs

Looking to change your identity altogether? Darknet markets offer you a whole range of fake IDs, however, they do not come in cheap, you may have to pay money equivalent to a couple of thousand dollars. You can get fake driver’s licenses, fake passports, fake social security cards, and whatnot. There’s a darknet website known as “Fake Documents Service” which apparently sells stolen passwords and documentations from almost any nation. A US passport will probably cost you a bit less than one thousand USD. Business Insider reports that there’s another website known as “Black Bank” where you can buy new social security numbers with good credit scores.

  • Fake College Degrees

Darknet websites can make your dream of seeing your name shining on the graduation certificate of a prestigious college come true! You can buy your own fake college degree from multiple darknet websites. Instead of spending tons of money and dragging around a student loan, buyers in the darknet may choose to buy a sealed certificate or diploma from any college, only for a few hundred dollars.

  • Explosives and Weapons

Even though not every darknet marketplace sells weapons and explosives, there are enough websites that do. There are a variety of weapons and explosives available on these websites for buyers. Rocket launchers, plastic explosives, even uranium ore- nothing is beyond limits. A darknet site called The Armory is popular for its huge range of weapons and ammunition for sale.