5 Things To Know How To Avoid Getting A Criminal Record?

Getting a criminal record means you’re not going to be able to get a decent job any time soon. Probably forever. This is why you can’t allow getting your name in the book of people who did some kind of crime.

To make sure you are not going to get there, you need to follow a few steps. Read on to learn what are they and how to handle situations that might put you in the black book.

1. Don’t do criminal activities

The best way to stay safe is by trying to avoid involvement in any criminal activities. When people are younger, they often don’t recognize when some situation might become dangerous and put them in a problematic situation.

You need to be smarter than getting into fights, gunshots, and drug problems. Whenever you see something like this, find an excuse why you need to be someplace else. Of course, sometimes this is impossible, but you need to do everything in your power to be safe because once you get a criminal record, there’s no going back.

2. If you find your self arrested, don’t talk

If you get arrested, it’s important not to say a thing. Don’t say I didn’t do anything or try to convince the police officers to let you go. If they start reading your rights, keep calm and accept the fact. There will be time to fight for your rights.

If you say anything, this might be turned against you later. The officers are trained to make you say something that will incriminate you so don’t fall on their words and actions. A lot of times the police are taking precautions and will arrest you even though you didn’t do anything. If you try to convince them they are wrong, you might do something wrong and they’ll press charges anyway.

3. Get the best criminal lawyer

When you get into the station, it’s time for your legal representative to take action. You need a lawyer that will be specialized in the field of criminal law. You can’t take just anyone.

Try to find one and have them on speed dial before anything happens. A good criminal defense can get you out of jail without getting a criminal record. A poor one can struggle at the most important moments and ruin your life forever because of their incompetence. That’s why you need to find the best one money can buy.

4. Don’t oppose the officers

Whenever you find yourself in the company of police officers, lawyers, or judges, you need to understand that they have the ability to make your life very difficult if you don’t act right. It’s very important not to show aggression while you’re being cuffed because that is considered resisting arrest and is a crime of its own.

5. Know your rights

When you’re being arrested, you need to know that the police can’t do whatever they feel like it. You have your rights and you should be aware of them. For example, the officers may not use force against you unless you oppress them while doing their job.

You also have the right to remain silent and ask for an attorney. If they ask you questions and tell you that you’ll have consequences if you don’t, be sure that they are just trying to convince you to incriminate yourself. Don’t fall on this bluff and only say that – I wish to stay silent and I want a lawyer.

After this, let them do your job and you wait for the right moment to say what happened to your legal representative and no one else. See what rights you have when something like this happens in this article here.


These steps will help you clean your record if the police make one or get away without having one made by the police at all. You need to know that if you stay out of trouble, there’s no way to get a record.

People who do everything in life legally and according to the law, never have trouble with the officials. Try to be a law-abiding citizen and you’ll be just fine.