5 Landscape Lighting Trends You’re Going to Love in 2022

Illuminated home garden path patio lights and plants in evening dusk

More people than ever are wanting to spend time in their outdoor spaces. Adding landscape lighting to a backyard space has become a popular curbside upgrade.

With trends changing all the time, you may be wondering what’s the latest on outdoor lighting.

From whimsical bistro lights to updated sconces, we go over five lighting trends to watch in 2022 in the following guide.

  1. Pathway Lights

Pathway lights can come in several forms. You can find them in a rigid strip that adheres to a step or as separate lights that get put in the ground.

These landscape lights offer security and style. Some pathway lights even use eco-friendly solar power to stay lit up!

  1. Bistro Lighting

If you want to add a magical touch to your outdoor space, give bistro lighting trends a try. This type of light consists of small bulbs that are strung together and hung up around your property.

Many types of bistro lighting are battery operated. This means you can hang these lights in areas away from electricity like over an outdoor fire pit or patio.

  1. Lights That Are Good for the Environment

Keeping your lights safe for the environment is a trend that won’t disappear anytime soon. In 2022, you’ll continue to see people use LED lights instead of other types of outdoor lights. LED lights live longer than traditional lights and are up to 90% more efficient.

Using less energy is not the only thing this low-voltage landscape lighting can do! They are also always improving the construction of these lights.

Currently, efforts are being put towards making these lights with minimal chemicals. Fewer chemicals mean less of an impact on the environment.

  1. Smart Lighting

You can control smart lights right from an app on your cell phone! Smart lights come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are easy to add to the outside areas of your house.

The best feature of this type of light is how you can control them.

Are you having a party? You can change the color of the lights to match your party decor.

Is hosting a fancy dinner party more your style? These lights usually have a dimmer so you can set your mood lighting with ease.

  1. Updated Sconces

Outdoor sconces are a tried and true landscaping technique that is getting a facelift. Standard outdoor sconces with no personality are no longer your only option.

Sconces for the outside of your house are showing up in bolder designs than ever before. Make a statement with this type of light by choosing a vintage option. Try out a finish in copper and make your sconces a statement element to your outdoor design.

Installing Your Lights

When it is time to get your dream lighting set up, it’s best to call the professionals. Consider hiring a company like Imperiallm landscape lighting to install your lights. A professional lighting company knows how to hang your lights safely.

Enjoy Your Modern Backyard Oasis With Landscape Lighting

Adding modern landscape lighting will elevate the style and safety of your home. Transform your space into a space nobody ever wants to leave!

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