5  Factors to Consider When Buying New Surfboards

How can you pick the best surfboard for surf’s up times? It’s been nearly a century since American surfer Tom Blake invented the first-ever hollow surfboard, according to Surf Nation. Today when selecting a new surfboard like dhd surfboards, you may encounter many options related to different issues like material, style, and size. Weighing these issues can help you pick the best surfboard possible: 

Surfboard Brand

If you have a favourite brand, you’ll likely want your next surfboard made by that company. On the other hand, if you find the perfect board from another company, you might be willing to go with that brand. From Billabong to Birkenstock and from Otis to O’Neil, the options are almost unlimited. 

One X-factor to consider is that one surfboard maker can produce dozens of models. So it’s critical to review the specs and features of each other to help you choose wisely. 

Board Materials

Today’s surfboards are usually made of polyurethane or foam covered with multiple layers of fibreglass cloth. Then a resin is used to cover the entire board. The result is a strong, yet lightweight surfboard that floats in water and the surfer can guide easily. 

When picking a surfboard, you can also look for eco-friendly boards. There are a few key features of these boards. They’re crafted from natural materials, so you won’t have to be concerned about making a large carbon footprint. This is one of the main concerns of people looking for eco-friendly products.

Another benefit of such materials is they’re biodegradable and/or recyclable. This is another way you can buy “green” surfboards. For example, up to three-quarters of materials used for some eco-friendly surfboards can be recycled. 

Company Experience

It’s easier today than in the past for startup companies to achieve fast success. However, when picking a surfboard maker or surf shop, you should still weigh the company’s experience. For example, some surf shops have been in business for several decades. 

This can provide a better shopping experience. For example, a well-established surf shop that’s been operating for 40+ years is more likely to help you find the exact surfboard you’re searching for. 

Surfer Gender/Age

Did you know that in 1975 Margo Oberg became the world’s first female pro surfer?

Today you can find different options like men’s, women’s, and kid’s surfboards. The style is based on different factors like the model’s size, length, and weight. 

Today people of just about any age can enjoy surfing. That’s due to customized boards designed for men/women and adults/kids. So if you want your grade-school child to get started surfing waves, you can pick from a wide range of kid surfboards.

Surfing/Beach Accessories

Surf shops offer ones related specifically to surfing, and others linked to the general beach lifestyle. For example, surfing accessories include options like covers, leashes, and wax. These must-have accessories can improve experiences like hitting the beach and catching waves. 

Some other items you will definitely need during high tide include:

  • Sunscreen 
  • Towels
  • Water Bottles  
  • Bags
  • Journals

Such items can help to improve your surfing experience in different ways. For example, books and journals provide methods for reading and writing about surfing. Meanwhile, towels can keep water off your skin, while sunscreen can keep off UV rays. 

When shopping for a new board like dhd surfboards, it’s critical to weigh different factors, including a surfboard’s size, style, and brand. You should even consider the experience and selection of the surf shop that carries the board. This can help you make waves with your new surfboard!