4 Ways to Show Support for Military Members

There are around 1.4 million active military members in the US. That’s not including those in the reserves.

Both active military members, reserve members, and veterans gave their time to serving our country. Some even risked their lives to fight for our freedom. While civilians can live their normal lives without fears of being sent overseas, our military members take on that burden.

They decided to volunteer themselves to be on the front line or behind the scenes making sure everything goes smoothly every day. As much as our military members do for us, it’s important to show support in return. In what ways do you support our troops and veterans?

Continue reading the guide below for a list of ways you can support all military members.

  1. Visit a Veteran or Wounded Vet 

Many elderly people in nursing homes are military veterans. Some have families that might visit them often, but many veterans have no one. You can find a military veteran or two in a nursing home or a veterans’ hospital.

Contact local nursing homes and hospitals for veterans to see if you’re able to visit some of them. You may even think to bring a card or other small gift with you. The simple act of showing up to visit them and give thanks means a lot to these veterans who may not have anyone else.

  1. Have Military Patches Made

If you have a military veteran or active member in your family or close circle, then a great way to show your support is to have a military patch made for them! You can customize patches and include the person’s name and rank on them.

You can have the patches ironed on or embordered on a piece of their clothing as well. You can find more info here on how to customize your own military patch.

  1. Write Thank You Letters

Writing thank you letters is a simple way to show support to veterans and our troops. During the school year, some teachers even have their students make thank-you cards, which are then sent out to the troops or veterans in hospitals.

You can do the same! Research different military support organizations to learn how you can send your own thank-you letters.

  1. Give Your Time

Speaking of support organizations, after you research some in your area, be sure to ask how you can volunteer your time. The organization will have several different tasks for you to help with. You might sponsor a veteran in a local hospital or help serve meals at a local homeless shelter for veterans.

Give your time and donate to these organizations if able to. Otherwise, your time alone is enough and a great way to give back.

How Will You Show Support to Military Members?

Showing support to military members is the easiest way to say thank you. Each day many people risk their lives and devote their time to protecting and serving this country. Take a few minutes of your own to show support by using one of these ideas listed above!

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