4 Top Website Development Companies in the World

The competitive website development industry is dominated by four key players. In order, here are the four top website development companies in the world.

U.S. Website Developer Atavion

The number one website development company located in the United States is the unique company known as Atavion. Located in Los Angeles California, they offer a proprietary solution to the complex problem of making premium websites affordable for smaller businesses. Offering custom coded websites, Atavion excels in providing high performing websites at affordable prices.

They have worked with a number of businesses, big and small. All websites, no matter the size, are SEO optimized and mobile friendly. They take your businesses’ growth seriously, which is why every website is also created for optimal user experience and lead generation.

Russia’s Website Developer Art. Lebedev Studios

Featuring beautiful, uniquely designer websites in their portfolio. Art. Lebedev Studios is known for their AI technology known as Nikolay Ironav. They have won multiple awards for Ironav.

This website development company has also worked with a lot of big names in Russia such as:

  • Yandex
  • Bezlimit
  • Banks of Russia Online Conference

United Kingdom’s Web Developer Dept

Located in London, Dept uses high-quality code to develop beautiful websites that perform well. They have a team of digital testers that test your website to ensure it is performing at its absolute best.

They also offer other services like SEO optimization and brand strategy.

Canada’s Web Developer ImageX

Imagex provides excellent websites for businesses in a wide range of industries. They are great at communicating with their clients, making the website building process less stressful for business owners.

What Makes Them The Best?

What do all these top companies have in common? They all offer custom coding that results in premium websites. As you scroll through their portfolios, you can see that each company is able to create completely unique websites for businesses in an array of industries.

However, only one stands apart by their ability to provide premium, unique websites at affordable prices. Since Atavion is able to create websites of and above the quality of its competitors at prices that are more affordable for smaller businesses, they are our number one choice for the best website development company in the world.