4 Tips To Facilitate Cleaning An Office

A hidden army of workers is responsible every day for the cleaning of office buildings around the world. Many office workers never agree with the people who get rid of their garbage or dust their tables, since, often, in cleaning contracts it is specified that the work must be done outside regular working hours, first thing in the morning, or at night. However, the cleaning staff is now an essential part of office life.

Currently, office cleaners London are usually outsourced through their provision by specialized contractors, so neither the company whose offices are subject to the service nor the company that owns the building (in the case of leased offices) are directly responsible for the salaries paid or the employment conditions applied. Since cleaning is a cost element rather than a revenue generator for companies, choosing a contractor emphasizes keeping costs at a low level.

·         Collaboration

If you think of a cleaning company for your office or work center, you should consider what the most important tasks you will perform to keep the facilities clean and in good repair are. Before starting the cleaning, it is vital to have the collaboration of the office staff to remove the objects and collect or place the utensils that are usually on the table: computer, mouse and mouse, reports, stationery, pens, objects personal and office material in general. This will facilitate the cleaning of all areas of the table.

·         Computer Equipment

The cleaning of computer equipment varies depending on the type of screen. Older screens or CRT monitors can be cleaned like any other glass, while flat LCD, LED or plasma screens have to be wiped with a dry cloth, better if it is microfiber, and always with the equipment turned off. If you notice spots on the screen that do not disappear, you can moisten the fabric with a little distilled water to clean it without pressing on the screen.

·         Products

The selection of products for office cleaning will depend on the degree of dirt and the type of surface. It is best not to use alcohols, solvents, or some glass cleaner that could ignite before a source of heat. It is advisable to use soap and non-corrosive products. In the case of using ammonia dissolved in water, it will be necessary to open the windows well due to its high volatility.

·         Specific Areas

The cleaning of specific areas such as bathrooms or particular facilities, such as blinds and doors, by commercial cleaners in London is also contemplated. In the bathroom, disinfectants should be used for proper sanitation. The cleaning of curtains may require the opening of the upper box to remove dirt from the sheets one by one. This task is done with a cloth moistened in soapy water. As for the doors, they are usually made of wood; in this case, a cloth dampened in soapy water is also used to clean them.