3 Fantastic Strategies To Always Keep Your Old Car Run Like New

The family car, the weekend warrior wheels, the work vehicle there are just some of the names used for one of the things that take us from point A to point B and anywhere in between. We sometimes take for granted the work it does for us. This is going to be examples of how to keep the old reliable still running along to where you need it to get you to.

The first is always the lifeblood of a car or truck engine and that is the oil. Keeping the oil changed when it needs to be changed is important. This occurs around every three thousand miles with the advent of newer types of oil these changes can go for a bit longer. The oil filter must be changed during this as well. Why would you want to put in fresh new oil only to be pumped through a dirty filter? There are different weights of oils as well and the type that is to be used in your vehicle should be found in your vehicle’s owner manual and should be used. Using the wrong type of oil can lead to engine damage and poor performance.

There are other elements as far as fluids go which are transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, belts, and the battery that need to be checked on a regular basis. These are all important elements that make your vehicle run at peak performance for you. In your owner’s manual for your vehicle the intervals when things such as transmission fluid changing should occur should be found there, one note to keep in mind that some transmissions do indeed have a filter so this should be changed when fluid is changed.

Another area sometimes overlooked is fuel and its effects on the performance and the longevity of a vehicle. One of the things to check and change is your fuel filter, most of these can be found along the body of a vehicle and are in the fuel line, however, some models of vehicles have these in the fuel tank itself. There are additives that work to enhance the performance of your car and fuel additives to clean catalytic converter

The catalytic converter on a vehicle reduces the pollutants and toxic gases that are caused by a combustion engine. These additives help clean and stabilize fuel systems. The fuel additives to clean catalytic converter not only help with that they can also prolong the life of your fuel pump which if this goes out can be a costly part to replace depending on the location of the pump.

The last thing that sometimes that is overlooked is tires on your vehicle. This may seem like a point that should not be referenced to keep a car going but it is important. Having the right size of tire on your vehicle is not only safety importance this also goes back to fuel, having the improper tire size can impact fuel mileage for your vehicle. The tread on the tire also impacts the safety and fuel mileage on your vehicle, one would not think of this but it is a fact. Keeping the correct air pressure in your tires again for safety and fuel mileage. All of these can be found in your owner’s manual and you can find correct tire pressure on the tire itself. These are just three things to keep your vehicle in top condition so it will be there for you when you need it.