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Defining Tax Deferral and How It Can Help You

So maybe you have found your new dream house, but it's way out of your budget. It can be an option to put your home on the market, but it will take months to sell, and you might end up making less money. Or maybe you have decided to opt...
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The Effects of Alzheimer’s or Dementia on Estate Planning

Dementia lies at the core of America. One in eight older Americans has Alzheimer's disease. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the country, and there is no effective cure for it.  Alzheimer's touches upon all aspects of life. One under-discussed effect of Alzheimer's is its impact on...

What is an Uncontested Divorce? A Quick Explanation

Did you know that the divorce rate in the United States sits at 7.6? While that's actually lower than many people figure, the fact remains that divorce can still be a viable option for couples who have grown apart, have irreconcilable differences, or find themselves in a toxic environment. Fortunately,...

Cancer Markers in Blood Test

Modern technological advancement has made disease detection quicker and easier. Patients nowadays can be given prompt life-saving treatment especially in emergency cases. Some investigations even allow patients to know whether they will transmit or carry the disease to their loved-ones such as in genetic studies and infectious disease detection methods....

5 Things To Know About Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers control the up and down motion of your vehicle's wheels. Did you know absorbers also affect your vehicle's braking and handling? They are responsible for more than just ensuring a smooth ride free of harsh bumps. Do you think your vehicle might need shock absorber replacement? Do you...

5 Stylish Hat Colors You Should Try Wearing in 2022

When getting dressed, you need to use your head. And that doesn't just mean putting intentional thought into your look. It means using your head, adorning it with hats, caps, and other headwear. We all know accessories are what gives an outfit character and sets you apart from the crowd. But...
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