11 Common Car Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know clutter can make people feel stressed? If you want to learn about a car cleaning routine, we can help.

This guide will go over common car cleaning mistakes to avoid. You can keep your vehicle in good shape and avoid damaging it with these cleaning tips.

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1. Not Cleaning the Interior Often

If you don’t stick to a cleaning schedule, you won’t end up remaining consistent. Try to clean your car on a regular basis. Look at removing the garbage from the inside of your vehicle.

Try to wipe down the interior of your vehicle at least once a day. Get rid of any dust or debris.

If you don’t do this on a regular basis, garbage will end up collecting inside your vehicle.

You’ll have an easy time keeping your vehicle clean when you stick to a schedule.

2. Not Getting Your Vehicle Detailed

You should look at getting a professional to clean your vehicle at least once or twice a year.

A professional will be able to clean your vehicle and also lookout for any issues that could turn into expensive repairs.

3. Pouring Wax on Your Vehicle

You shouldn’t pour liquid or wax on the body of your vehicle. The wax and liquid wash have harsh substances and chemicals that fade your car’s color.

The liquid wax could end up damaging the appearance of your vehicle. The wax could leave stretch marks on the body of your vehicle. Use liquid wash, and save the color of your car.

Waxing your vehicle is essential, but you should also ensure you don’t over wax the car. Two coats of wax should work fine.

Don’t forget to clean the antenna. The antenna is the region that will get super dirty. Wax the surface of the antenna. The wax will clean it and make it last longer.

The antenna is a filthy area. Turning the engine on and off will make the antenna’s dirt, and air particles stick.

4. Washing Your Vehicle on a Super Hot Day

Make sure you don’t wash your vehicle on a hot day. The heat from the sun will end up creating water sports on your car, making it look dirty.

Sometimes, people end up with permanent watermarks on the body of their vehicle. Make sure you wash your vehicle either at night or in the morning.

5. Washing Your Tires or Wheels in the Wrong Order

You shouldn’t wash your tires and wheels after you have washed your entire vehicle. The wheels will get dirty from dust, pollutants, and particles. Other particles will accumulate each day.

If you wash the wheels after washing your car, the particles could spread on your clean vehicle.

6. Using an Ammonia-Based Cleaner

When you wash your vehicle, try not to use household cleaners. Ammonia will end up damaging your vehicle.

The ammonia isn’t suitable for your vehicle because it can destroy the dashboard area of your car. It will impact the shine of your vehicle and can fade the color.

Look at picking up the right cleaners. Click for meguiars car products.

7. Forgetting to Change the Cleaning Water

If you use a bucket of water to wash your vehicle, make sure you change it during the wash. Otherwise, the dirty water will make your truck look filthy. Don’t use the same water for the entire job.

Change the water. Use a different bucket and a clean cloth when you wash your vehicle. Make sure you use quality soap to clean your car.

8. Solvent-Based Tire Cleaners

Make sure you don’t use solvent based-tire and rubber cleaners. Check your cleaner bottle for any distilled petrochemicals.

Chemicals can affect the surface of your tires. Keep this in mind if you want to buy a vehicle in a few years.

9. Forgetting to Clean the Dashboards

What part of your vehicle tends to get dirty? If it isn’t the tires, seats, or body, it’s the dashboard. Each day when you drive your car, the steering wheel will carry bacteria or germs from your hands.

The console will have germs because you handle them a lot when driving.

When the window’s open, the dirt will accumulate on the console, dashboard, or cup holders. Clean these areas with a good disinfectant.

10. Using the Wrong Cleaning Rags

The kind of towel and cloth you use to clean your vehicle is essential. Use cotton towels to clean your car.

You could also use a microfiber cloth. Don’t use a fabric softener when washing your vehicle. It could remain on your towel, and it won’t clean your car.

11. Forgetting to Clean the Vehicle Seats

Vehicle owners tend to forget to clean their vehicle seats. Make sure you vacuum out the inside of your vehicle and clean the seats.

If there are stains on the chairs, make sure you try and get rid of the stains. Pick up a cleaning solution to remove the stains.

If you don’t have time to clean your vehicle, call a professional.

You Can Avoid These Car Cleaning Mistakes

We hope this guide on how to avoid car cleaning mistakes was helpful. Make sure you clean your vehicle on a regular basis and stick to a schedule. Use the right cleaner as well, so you don’t damage your car.

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