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A Tribute to Yoland Bresson (1942-2014)

Yoland Bresson, one of the prominent advocate for basic income in France passed away during the summer.

OPINION: The Christmas Basket

FORWARD: The following article is nonfiction story by Diane Pagen, a Basic Income activist and social worker from the New York area. It chronicles an attempt to give a Christmas basket to families of students at a school in an underprivileged neighborhood in the Bronx. The article doesn’t mention basic income directly; yet, the story makes the need for some form of basic income guarantee extremely clear. The attempt to do good is filled with all that is wrong with both contemporary charity and the contemporary welfare system. People want to help, but they end up wasting most of what they give, humiliating the people they want to help, giving people things they don’t need, and inspiring feelings of resentment in those left out. The author even discusses how much more effective they could have been buy simply giving cash to every family at the school without attempting to judge them or imposing the desires of the givers on the receivers.

-Karl Widerquis

INTERVIEW: Congressional Candidate Ian Schlakman on His Call for a Basic Income Guarantee or “Social Security for All”

[Scott Santens] As reported here earlier this month, Green Party candidate for Congress Ian Schlakman of Maryland’s Second Congressional District has made the Basic Income Guarantee a major issue in his campaign. Basic Income News asked him for an interview and he took the time from his campaign to answer our questions. I first learned [...]

Basic Income News Expands with the UBI Movement

Unconditional Basic Income is a movement. Five or ten years ago the idea was little discussed outside of a few limited—mostly academic—circles. Now activists are campaigning for it all over the world. The mainstream media is writing about it. It is becoming a part of the political debate. When I agreed to write the USBIG [...]

Report from the 15th Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network

The 15th International Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network was held in Montreal at McGill University from June 27 to June 29, 2014, and a pre-conference North American day was held on June 26. The event was sold out with well over 200 people attending. Street art in Boulevard Saint Laurent, Labrona -Basic Income [...]

EDITORIAL: Open Letter To All Candidates For The European Parliament

During the 2014 elections for the European Parliament, the Basic Income Earth Network, at the request of its partner, Unconditional Basic Income Europe, signed an open letter to all candidates for the European parliament. The full text of the open letter follows.

OPINION: The Tax on Being Alive

It’s a bit bizarre if you ever stop and think about rent. When you’re homeless, though, you have a lot of time to think, and it’s hard to think about anything other than paying rent. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to find yourself homeless and don’t have friends or family to crash with, you [...]

OPINION: A report on a Citizen’s Income meeting at the Scottish Parliament

A seminar and round-table discussion entitled ‘Beyond Welfare Reform to a Citizen’s Income: the desirability and feasibility of a CI scheme’, was hosted by Jim Eadie, Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) on Wednesday 15 January at the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. Over 60 people attended, including four other MSPs and some Parliamentary Assistants. The majority of the participants were employees and activists in the Voluntary Sector, together with representatives from several Scottish churches, civil servants, academics, and some private individuals.

OPINION: Global carbon tax petition calls for fossil fuel dividend

No doubt most Basic Income News readers are aware of an interesting intersection where the arguments for basic income overlap with the arguments on how to best control global warming.

OPINION: Individuals in society

Discussions of the advantages of a universal unconditional and nonwithdrawable benefits will generally list both the lower marginal deduction rates that individuals would experience compared with those imposed by means-tested benefits, and such social benefits as a greater social cohesion generated by everyone receiving the same Citizen’s Income. What is not always recognised is that changes experienced by one individual might cause changes for another.

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